By Faith

I was ecstatic when I saw what my son had bought for the first two decorations he wanted to put for his finishing touches in the apartment unit he was renting.  "Do you like it,  Mom?," he queried. The letters stood out. Enclosed in a white bordered frame,  the art said: "We walk by faith,  not by sight..." The other one was: "All things are possible if we believe... 

I didn't know what right words to say. It wasn't enough to say "Nice." "Beautiful." "Good job!" But all of those I said to him. His mother's heart overflowing with joy knowing that he wanted to dedicate something to the One Who made all the transition for his higher education possible and smoothly despite the anxieties we faced with all the unknowns.

"Where are you planning to put this art?", I asked. Pointing to "We walk by faith..." He replied so fast as if he had already envisioned the perfect spot even before I asked. "Mom, right before someone walks out the door..."

"Perfect," I said.

Perfect because I know that it is a strong reminder not only for us but for anyone who will come to visit him that there are so many unknown in this life's journey.  But how important it is to run first to Jesus before we can understand how to "walk by faith". To know more about His wonderful promises that this broken world can never offer. Only then we will truly understand that it's truly possible for anything when we believe, despite the trials we may be in and storms that we may face. I have nothing but joy to know that my child knows the importance of having faith despite facing difficulties or uncertainties in this short life. That's the only way to go forward. And because Jesus is faithful, how wonderful to hope that in the end, that must be so awesome to "walk by sight" where He is...


  1. Perfect! I prayed when I read this that not only will this Scripture verse uplift your son but others who visit or need a touch of hope. May it bring rich fellowship his way and take away some of that homesickness too. When my husband decorated his sales manager's office, he placed his sales awards on the wall behind his chair but right in the center in a beautiful black and gold frame hung "In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths." Prov 3:6. Sometimes we forgot it was there but it was the catalyst for some to trust us in their big ticket purchase! Have a good weekend, my sister and friend. Sending you love and hugs.

  2. Walking by faith is so difficult, but it is the only way to live in God's perfect peace. Since my mom's diagnosis (the "c" word) last week, I have been reminding that God is in control, and that if I want this trial to bring glory to God I HAVE to walk in faith. I have to forget what the doctors are saying, and I have to know that God is in control. Jesus is our only hope!

  3. No greater blessing then to be blessed by our adult children loving God on their own. Great reminders he has put before himself and all to read.

  4. What a heartwarming, inspiring post this is, dear Rosel. It is obvious you have raised your son well, mothered him well, inculcated faith values into his heart, embedded forever. And even as he now lives on his own, there is no doubt his strong faith will keep him protected and secure. I always love visiting your blog, although the past months (years) I have not been visiting many blogs. Yours is one I make sure I visit from time to time. I appreciate our friendship. Praying for God's special favor to surround you and your family at this time. Much love Lidia

  5. Moments like these go straight to our mother hearts - when you see the good things of God you planted in them burst through the soil of their lives! I've missed coming by - I'm learning to live a different schedule, and it always takes me awhile to adjust. Stopping by, listening to your God-stories refreshes my heart! Bless you, friend! ~Maryleigh


"Faith is taking the first step even if you don't see the whole staircase..."
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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