Bring Out The Best

“You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor? Can you make it useful again? It will be thrown out and trampled underfoot as worthless.” –Matthew 5:13 [Source:Life Application Bible].

I was cleaning the pantry and started sorting out the bottles of spices in the spice rack. I had noticed that some of them had been there so long, so I knew their flavor must have been gone. I started tossing out the bottles that were more than a year old. It would just be worthless to keep them as they wouldn’t do anything to make the food’s flavor more tasty. Even the bottle of salt looked old with the moisture that had collected inside so I tossed that one out, too.

Salt is known as a preservative that keeps stuff from going bad and as a flavoring for food. As Christians, we are like the salt. If we don’t make an effort to affect the world around us, we would be of little value to God. If we are like the world, we are just plain worthless.

As a preservative, we must be deeply concerned with society's well-being. We preserve cultural values and moral principles. We add taste and flavor to common life. By showing our quality of life with Jesus in the center of our lives, we give meaning to those without meaning or hope to one without hope.

Jesus said, "You are" the salt. It didn't sound like an option but more of a command as we choose to become His followers.

"So, are you the salt of the earth that brings out the best in upholding the Christian values in life ?"

This is a song I had composed on January 30, 2005, before visiting my ailing father, dying of cancer. Knowing that there were still many who didn’t know Christ’s love from back home, I asked the Lord to make my visit fruitful, not only to have time with my precious father, but also to have an opportunity to be used by the Lord with others who would come across my path, during that visit.

To You Lord

I want to be used by You
No matter where I go
All of my dreams and my plans
They’re all in Your loving hands


[And/Yes] I will worship You Lord, forever
To You, my life I surrender
Let Your will in my life be done
Take away all my fears with Your love

May I share with others what I know
About a special gift from You
That when a heart accepts Jesus, Your Son
Will live forever in Your Holy Land

[repeat Chorus]

Oh, Lord….forever…
Oh, Lord…I surrender…
To You, Lord….To You Lord…
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