Sponge Bob

[Image from markgorman.wordpress.com].

[Sponge Bob cartoon created by Stephen Hillenburg]

I was still half concious and woke up to a soft "aaaaaaaahhhhhh". My son just turned on the tv and I saw this square sponge cartoon flipping burgers.

Lots of kids adore this character. Where can you find a "cute sponge" who works in a restaurant, flipping the best burger and whose recipe"Plankton" tried to steal in many failed attempts?" The restaurant owned by "Mr. Krabs" who just loves "money!money!"

Sponge Bob has a starfish "Patrick" for his best friend. The show projecting "Patrick" as dumb in his ways as starfishes don't have brains.

As we live our Christian lives, I believe we must be careful with everything that attracts our interests. If we are not careful, it is so easy to have our minds polluted with worldly things and such things do not help in aiding with our spiritual walk with the Lord.

I told my son that I do have an obligation to share the Lord and His ways with him. With our daily devotions, I tell him how important it is to start and end the day with the Lord. There is no wisdom that can aid us with our spiritual walk, none better than His Word. Man's wisdom is just foolishness to the Lord. What's foolish to us, the Lord can use in mighty ways when He chooses to.

My son smiled, turned off the tv and grabbed his devotion book. I heard him whispered, "I'm sorry Lord."

Oh Lord, help us to be like Sponge Bob....like a "sponge" ready to absorb Your Word daily. May the words of our mouths and the thoughts of our hearts be pleasing to You today oh Lord. Help us to trust in You, and not with our own understanding. We commit all of our ways to You Lord for we know that when we do, You help our paths smooth.

Lord help us see things through Your eyes. For Your ways and thoughts are higher than ours. Please remove anything that is hindering our walks with You Lord.

Thank You for Your love, Your wisdom, Your grace and mercy. Thank You for always being with us as we battle in choosing the right road to take. Thank You for being our Shepherd Who loves us so much though we don't deserve that. Thank You for rescuing us when we are lost, afraid, confused, angry, miserable, in pain and weak. I love You Lord, yet thank You for loving me first.

Lord, I pray for many who don't know Your gift of salvation. That when they happen to peek at your blogging children's sites, may their hearts be open, their eyes able to see and their ears able to hear. May they come to absorb Your gift of forgiveness and offer of a personal relationship as they read our posts Lord. It's all about You...In Jesus' Name. Amen.

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