Has Anyone Asked?

“I can’t believe it!”

I had been using different test strips and alternating the machines as I checked the morning blood sugars of the inmates whose names I had already given to the unit so they could be waken up and be ready when I got there. Every minute was valuable and not to be wasted as everyone’s “chow” carts (breakfasts) got delivered early. Oftentimes, two or more units getting their rations at the same time. For some reason, the inmate’s blood sugar kept registering “Error”. Battery surely wasn’t running low. I just opened that bottlewith fifty test strips so I knew that was a fresh batch.

“Let me go to the Clinic real quick and change my machine and the strips!” I advised to the inmates, still yawning and dragging themselves for those who were housed in the top tier, to come down and wait behind the bars that stood between us. I could hear silent protests but remained a “hush-hush” as the deputy had been escorting me the whole time. I apologized and they didn’t expect that. Used to harsh words amongst themselves and with Custody staff, my apology brought a surprising reaction from each woman’s face.

“Are you coming back right away?” they all asked as I took steps in a fast pace…I never answered.

Almost running, I was sure the north control was watching my moves. In a couple of minutes, I was back in that particular unit and the women, who patiently waited was grateful that it didn’t take a long time for me to return.

“You’re fast, Nurse,” came from a middle-aged diabetic woman who sometimes, gave me a hard time if I came too early and always refused her insulin even if the chow cart was already in the unit. Despite me explaining it could be given half an hour before, she was always persistent and always gave me that attitude that I couldn’t win over her argument. 

She didn’t know. I remained calm and allowed her to refuse one time. It wasn’t because I was scared of her but because I knew…she had all the rights to do so. And I was sure she knew that. Like others who would use that “right” to play games or manipulate situations. For their selfish advantages.
To see her smile and even read her own sugar level back to me, seeing I was recording it with my pen, was surely an extra-ordinary gesture for me. To top it all, to hear her say “Thank You” wiped away the onset of weariness that came from working all night long which was a busy night and always had been short of staff. Like that moment, I was just helping the LVN’s do their accuchecks because they had many bodies to follow up each and every day. Some requiring sugar checks four times a day.

She opened her right palm to receive the insulin syringe with the right dose she needed before eating her breakfast. With slightly dim surroundings, I could see her clearly injecting it to her abdomen. She handed it right back and thanked me again. The smile lingered as the figure with white t-shirt and orange pants turned away.

I knew…she would never forget that I rushed back. I hoped she would never give anyone a problem not just me during Accuchecks. Because she knew…it wasn’t only her waiting. There were many others lined up, like her, in each segment. In each unit.

Yeah…I learned it before. Manipulating with my own effort to get what I wanted. There are others out there, too. Not happy when things ended up not on my terms. But one thing was sure…

God is never slow to answer. He is quick to reach out His arm and save those who needs help.Anytime…Anywhere…And if He doesn't answer, it doesn't mean He's not doing anything...Maybe the "doing" needs to start within that person's heart...

The question is… “Has anyone asked Him???”

I lift my hands in prayer to you. I am waiting for your help, like a dry land waiting for rain. Hurry and answer me, Lord! I have lost my courage. Don’t turn away from me. Don’t let me die and become like the people lying in the grave. Show me your faithful love this morning. I trust in you. – Psalm 143:6-8 (ERV)

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