Jump-start! [Spiritual Sundays]

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I just got done filling my car with gas this morning, tired after a busy night’s work. To my surprise, when my engine wouldn’t start! There was no indication of the battery being low. But it just didn’t have enough power it seemed every time I turned on the ignition.

Our car had only been 2 years old and for the battery to run out of juice, that was just too soon! Of all days to happen, my husband was many miles away, leaving home early to go to an important appointment. I called my teenage son to let him know that I was already near home, except that I was stuck at the gas station. At that point, I had already called our insurance’s roadside assistance… just waiting for the tow truck to either try to give me a “jump-start” or worse, just to tow the car.

The roadside assistance was great, updating me how soon the tow truck would arrive. After 30 minutes of patiently waiting as I sipped my morning caffeine to keep me up, the big man arrived and parked right next to my car. He tried giving me a “jump-start” right away and barely I turned the ignition and the car started right away!

To my relief! As I was already getting exhausted at that time. He gave me an advice to check the warranty as he felt, too that it was too soon for the battery to be depleted with power.

Driving back to the familiar roads, my son, after praying for me, told me that it could be the use of power doors, too that could be one of the reasons why it happened as using them for over 10 times, used just more power.

Thinking about this incident as I headed home, another incident came to my mind. Of how often we use the power doors in our hearts and minds as we battle with making decisions daily. What stays? Good or bad things? As we choose to keep those things that can harm us spiritually, we deplete the Holy Spirit’s power in us. The very power that makes us, His vessel move!

We often have that choice. To choose to yield or not yield control of our lives to the Holy Spirit. Poor choices quench the Spirit of God. They grieve Him. They feed our old nature. Thus, they prevent us from being filled.

It is not by “praying” for the Holy Spirit’s filling that accomplishes the filling. It is our obedience to God that maintain that filling. When we discover the ill choices that we let in through those power doors in our hearts and minds, we must be quick to immediately confess it to God and renew our commitment with Him to be Spirit-filled and Spirit-led.

Lord, give me a “jump-start” starting today!

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