Thank You Lord

Operator: "9-1-1 Emergency?"

Me: "Yes, we need someone now as my husband and I can't control my son's nosebleeding."

Operator: "I'll send help right away, Ma'am!"

Me: "[nervously speaking].....Yes, thank you so much!"

Our bedroom was almost empty. All of our things were already placed in a rented storage at this time. The date was June 10, 2003. We were about to move to another new house.

My son has a history of allergic rhinitis. The doctor had given him a nasal spray few weeks prior to this incident to help him breathe. For a while, it was helping him not to have swollen nasal membranes.

Before dawn, my son got up and sleepily said, "Mom, my nose is bleeding..." My husband heard it, too so he got up to get some paper towels. As we turned on the light, we were shocked to see how much he was bleeding from the nose. It was like a faucet that was running continuously.

Despite my knowledge of nursing, I was enveloped with fear. Trying to be calm, I instructed him to put pressure on his nose as I instructed my husband to get a cold pack. 15 minutes later, he was still bleeding....And that was when I placed that phone call to 911 services.

As the operator hung up, feeling desperate to control that bleeding, my husband and I looked at each other feeling each other's pain gnawing deep inside our hearts. To see our son in that state, we were just dumbfounded! That desperation led me to think, "Wait a minute! I haven't called this special 9-1-1 services that is also open 24/7".

I took my husband's hand, knelt down and bowed our heads. We started to pray...

"Ding-dong..." Three tall firemen were by our front door, dressed up in dark blue uniforms. One of them was carrying a heavy bag full of emergency supplies. I saw the firetruck with its flashing lights flooding our street. As I let them in to the room where my son was, my son who was tired putting pressure on his nose by then, looked up and said, "Mom, I'm not bleeding anymore..."

I didn't know what to tell these firemen. All I knew was that our prayers were answered! Deep in my heart as I was apologizing to them, I was praising God! They gave a pat to my husband and my shoulders and said, "It's okay. Glad that your son is okay now!"

The following day, I wanted to praise the Lord and He inspired me to write this song. My son making his own chocolate-chip pancake added, "I wanted to thank Him, too, Mom. Thank You Lord for healing me. Thank You, You're always there for me..." I wanted to thank the Lord and yet, He was the One Who gave me the song and the lyrics through my son that we can offer back to Him. How great is our God!!!

Thank You Lord

It doesn't matter what we do
It doesn't matter where we are
When we bow down and call our God
He's always there for us

Whenever you are feeling weak
And you think there's no way
But the Lord when we seek
He'll surely find a way


Thank You Lord for Your gift of love
And all the blessings that come from up above
Thank You Lord for healing me
Thank You Lord, You're always there....for me....

Whenever you are hungry
Just eat the Bread of Life
Oh come and taste that His Words
Are sweeter than honey

Whenever you are in the dark
And you keep on falling
Just let the Light of the World
Brighten your way...


Thank You Lord for Your gift of love
And all the blessings that come from up above
Thank You Lord for setting me free
Thank You Lord, for Your love and.........mercy.....

-rrrs/jks 07/09/04

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