Rain Or Sunshine

              You go before me and follow me.
        You place your hand of blessing on my head.
                      Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,
      too great for me to understand!” – Psalm 139:5-6 (NLT)

My family decided to leave despite the forecast of a heavy storm. We needed to haul the remaining little things we left in the apartment where my son stayed. With a few days remaining to vacate the place, we wanted to get done with everything even before the deadline to be out of his unit would come.

I made sure we had a good breakfast as the trip was a little far. Even farther if all the heavy volumes of vehicles got on the same road. I accidentally left the alarm set when I would wake up and prepare my husband’s lunch for work. So, I got up early and decided to make lunch, anticipating that we would not have enough time to pick up anything “to go” and in case, we wanted to keep not delaying the packing up process.

light rain fell

The rain came down lightly and for some reason, the traffic was busy but hardly stopped like the usual “snail-like” movement we knew. My husband was following my son’s car as I rode with my son who volunteered to drive, instead of me driving my car. I felt comfortable that he was watching us from behind. With many careless drivers around, it was minus one concern of worrying who was behind my son’s car.

Are you okay?” I asked my son who quickly replied, “Yes, Mom,” as he tried to focus his attention on the road ahead. I noticed my husband maintaining his distance from behind. I called him on his cell phone if he was okay. That was just how we are. Always asking each other if we were okay, whether it was smooth sailing in our daily lives or if there were bumps on the roads. 
my husband's car behind my son's

“Did you guys notice something?” I asked when we arrived at the place.

“Thank You, Lord,” were the first answer by two men.

It started raining when we arrived and quickly, we finished cleaning the place and wrapping the remaining things. We enjoyed a good lunch. And we met a mild downpour on our way home before the rain became harder when we got home.

a hearty lunch for "joyful" movers

We were grateful. My son knew. No matter what weather, it would be okay.

Knowing that Someone is faithful with His promises of being there, leading, following and making sure we are “okay”. Not just okay. But “to remain joyful” whether the days bring rain or sunshine.

                                                             PRAYER FOR JOY

Lord, I'm not always thankful enough that I'm a Christian. When I stop to think of all the blessings that come to me because I believe in You, I can only say that Your love for me is the greatest thing that has happened to me. Make me properly thankful for Your love and let me never fail to be happy about it. Help me to find real joy in worshiping You. And only You. Help me to sing the truths of the wonderful hymns with my heart as well as my lips. What I hear with my ears, send them down deep into my heart. Let the joy of belonging to Jesus show itself in my words and actions and make me a blessing, not only to my family and friends, but to anyone who will cross my path. Help me to share my joy of salvation with others. So many people are discouraged and disappointed over both little and large matters. Help me to say and do the right thing at the right time. Thank You Lord for Your love, grace, and mercy. Thank You for going before and behind us. Thank You that Your promises are true and because of You, we have this imperishable hope whether we have sunny or rainy days in our lives. We love You Lord. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.

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