"My soul is in anguish. How long, O LORD, how long?" - Psalm 6:3 (NIV)

I emailed my supervisor and the person who coordinates the schedule of the whole staff yesterday morning. I had taken a month off from work after so much harassment done. I felt I was like a puppet with them controlling the strings. Deep inside, I knew no one else held those strings but only One from the start. And if He controlled my life, it was because He only wanted what was best for me.

Yes, I anguish…Not because of this battle I had been going through against people in positions knowing that what they all did from the start was not right yet that was not enough to paralyze me. I anguish about the lies. I anguish about the abuse in their power. I anguish about the blind eyes that choose to find any negatives instead of reinforcing the positives. I anguish about the deaf ears that are not willing to listen to the truth. I anguish about the hunger for worldly power and selfish desires. I anguish about worldly wisdom that is foolish. I anguish about hearts full of pride, the self seeking ways, the rejection of those who are not willing to obey their hideous decisions. I anguish about their feet that are quick to commit evil acts.

But as I try to rest on the Lord’s wonderful promises, away from my work, only in Him I can find true comfort, contentment, happiness and joy and immense solace.

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