Draw Near...Even Nearer....


I don’t know what this coming April 25, 2011 has for my current journey after I got that memo that those people in power desired for me to be placed on an “off-duty” status.

It is a “waiting game” but I choose not to worry about an outcome that is not known. Have you had those moments when you feel that you can’t hear God’s answers to your prayers or questions? I’m sure we all do. But never I doubt that He is here with me. Never I doubt that when He answers, He may reply with either a question right back for me. I never doubt that when He responds, it is not something surprising. Often, He responds with quiet or gentle whispers.
There are three lessons for me at this stage as I go through this huge battle from my workplace:

(1)It is helping me to develop and allow my faith and trust on God to even grow more, as I learn to be more patient and wait for His perfect timing on everything. I know I have the victory (literally speaking) even before this obstacle happened but despite having my own arsenal of weapons, His weapons matter more. This battle is not mine but His.

(2)God is reminding me through this battle that no matter how overwhelming the pressures are from the outside, those will never compare to the “power within me” that He gave.

(3)In His quiet whispers, I only have one option to do. That is to draw nearer to Him, so I can hear His answers clearly.

As you meet any bumps or other obstacles on the road you’re walking on, are you choosing to draw nearer to Him? The temptation to either run away from God seems an easier choice. The desire to quit and walk on another road seems to be easy, too. But becoming faithful and learning to believe in one, true God does not offer short-term benefits. Those are only gratifying our sinful nature.

Who knows? God intended to leave these obstacles on the road we’re walking on to allow us to develop faith and obedience after all. And that’s what’s going on with me…allowing our good God to continue working within me.

Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.” – James 4:8 (ESV)

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