Keep Writing For God

I noticed the difference…Long ago…When a lot of friend bloggers would come and visit. Or I, myself, would go also to all of your sites. I saw it waning. I knew some of you had gone through mountains of trials. As I did. My faith-filled days being replenished with doubts as I went through a trial at work. Suddenly, the leveled path I was walking on was replaced with a huge mountain up ahead in the distance. My steps, becoming more laborious. My sight, obscured with the height of impossibilities.

How often I asked the God of Zion… To remove this mountain in front of me…And as the days turned into months and months into years, the mountain was still there. He never removed it. He just showed me which road to take. 

I know our trials in life can be overwhelming. Many times, I feel like putting down my pen and just stop blogging. I often thought maybe that’s what He wants. For me to stop writing. But that thought doesn’t go with what He commands for me to do…To share the Good News to those who haven’t heard. Even through blogging…

The defeat that I almost accepted I refused instead. The truth sank in…Deep in my heart and mind. That even if God doesn’t move the mountain in front of me, He never fails to strengthen me and accompany me in this journey. He wanted to increase my faith instead. True enough, what a lesson it was for me…The defeat I thought I had from battling those people in higher positions, was replaced with certainty that in Jesus, I would never lose. In fact, I had gained much more. Looking back and I can’t say I have fully conquered this mountain, but despite the higher ground I still need to climb, Jesus reminds me over and over again…That many times in my life, He will not move that mountain…

My faith will…Because when I do, that shows how much I really long to follow Him. Despite the obstacles. Despite the mountains. 

So, I ask…not for you to visit me…But to continue writing from your hearts…Do not lose the love and joy poured into your heart by the Lord…The number of posts do not matter even…But what you write from your hearts,  whether from joyful or sad times of your journeys, do not give up. Because in doing so, you just never know if you are helping a visitor or a friend increase their faith because of your experiences and the things of God you discover in each step you take. But the best part is to be able to share the Good News to those wandering in their journeys. So them, too may learn there is God Who is mighty to save anyone from their troubles.

Blessings to you all!

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