Prayer For The City

I remember hearing this song when my oldest brother from Denmark shared this song with me and aside from the beautiful melody, I fell in love with the lyrics which is so vital for us to do. I just want to share this song with you all and may you remember to "incessantly pray."

My brother gave me this special gift, a limited edition from the Oslo Gospel Choir and I love to listen to this anytime of the day. Thank You Lord.

This is the best version I found in you tube:

Prayer For The City

C                       G
We open our hearts
Am                                   F
And our lives to You O God
Dm                         C          Am
Create within us a servant part
              F                             G
So that we can show Your love

C                                      G
Where all hope has been lost
Am                                   F
Let Your Spirit bring new life
 Dm                               C Am
To those in need bring prosperity
                              F                          G
Where there's darkness shine Your light

 F       G              Em             Am
We pray for the city we live in
 F       G                 C              Am
We pray that our sins be forgiven
 F              G               Am          F
Do Your will right here as in heaven
 C                 F          G        C
Father, we call on Your Name

           F                    C
We pray for our children
           F                     C
We pray for our leaders
            F                   C
We pray for our families
          Am          D           G
Oh, bless us Lord we pray

Addendum: Sorry, I was going to post the guitar chords but I couldn't find the copy I had [for you JBR and others out there who knows how to play the guitar. I'll come back if I find it]     :)

@ 0935 hrs: After searching desperately, I found the chords!  God showed it to me! Yay! Thank You Lord. I added it, simple but truly a beautiful song. I hope you all like it.
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