On The Lighter Side

At the correctional facility where I work, they call the inmates "fish" when they are being transferred to another facility or maybe going to court for their trials. I guess it comes from being linked up together with the handcuffs they use in a row, like a "fish line". Before they can walk the inmates anywhere in the corridor, the deputies have to make sure that all the hallways are clear.

One morning, typical court day [on a weekday], this was heard on the radio:

Custody: "South and North Control, "fishes" walking from unit 1 to Intake." [meaning inmates are coming from unit 1 to walk toward the holding area before they get loaded to the designated buses that will take them to court].

South Control: "Clear"

North Control: "Clear"

Overheard from one of the nurses working that same shift inside the medical clinic: "I thought the "fishes" are supposed to swim, not walk... :)

You've Been "Fanned"

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness Sis "Alleluiabelle", for sharing this "special encouragement." Right back at you as you are touching many lives with your humble ways, including mine.

Sis Alleluiabelle mentioned that this award came from Sited and Blogged, a social networking site, naming April as "Tell 'Em You're A Fan month!". There are rules that came with it:

1. Leave a comment for your favorite blogger, telling them that you are a fan of their site.

2. Feel free to copy and paste the award when it is awarded to you.

3. When you receive more than 1 fan, put the number you have received under the image.

4. The more fans you receive, the better!

Oh, Lord, "fan the flames" with your blogging children and that many more travelers in this lifetime will happen to pass by our blogs and know Your love and gift of salvation through the words we share. So many great blogging brothers and sisters in Christ who deserve this! To God be the glory!

I'm definitely awed and am a fan of these blogs:

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