The Feast

I got up early to prepare myself for a scheduled banquet given by two people I met before. From our past meeting, both of them, along with another supervisor had tried to accuse me of unfounded lies. None of their plans worked. So, through my supervisor, I was invited again to meet up with them in a few hours.

I am anticipating a feast. But instead of bringing and letting my appetite grow, I actually fed myself an hour ago. And I couldn’t stop!

I tasted the sweetest food that always left me more than satisfied…”His Word!” And It came with a warning: “That when I sit down to dine with a ruler, I must consider carefully what will be before me….That I shouldn’t desire for his delicacies for it is deceptive food…” (Proverbs 23:1,3)

I sipped a little coffee from my favorite small, red cup but even with that, I had lost my appetite. The Lord’s Word was just too satisfying that I didn’t desire for any fluids or other solid foods anymore.

I am ready…I have something to bring and offer them in return…But it is not from me. I will bring a bowl with fruits. Fruits that will never ruin their banquet…

Here there is no conflict with the law…(Galatians 5:22 – NLT)

Father, even with me being able to call You that, I am deeply humbled by what You have granted to me through Jesus, Your Son. I am leaving later to face those who like to see people crushed because I am under them. But I am not under them. I am under Your power, love, grace and mercy. I thank You Lord for removing the fear and calming me in the way that nothing in this world could have ever done. I have no fear and You know my heart. I don’t know what they will offer but I don’t desire any of their plans. I desire for Yours. May Your will be done Lord. Help me to draw nearer to You. Through this difficult trial, remove the things that hinder me from walking closer with You. That I may always be a broken vessel, more pure each time, ready for service at Your feet. Thank You Jesus. Thank You for Your love. Thank You that You satisfy all the kinds of hunger I have…Thank You that I am more than completely satisfied and no matter what the outcome is, after I meet up with them, I know it is okay…Because….Just because…You are…In Jesus’ Name. Amen…

Just Because You Are (Phillip Sandifer)

Father of the world
You are the life within me
God of all creation
Living in my heart
I will praise You Lord
Regardless of your blessing
For You are worthy of my praise Lord
Just because You are

Just because You are
Forever I will praise You
Just because You are
I will glorify Your Name
Just because You are
I lay my life before You
Father I adore You
Just because You are

Folded in Your arms
I've never been without You
Through every tear I've ever cried
I've always found You there
But craddled in your love
It's easy Lord to praise You
But even when the times get hard
And it seems that I'm alone
Still I'll always praise You Father
Just because You are
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