Bad Can Be Good

Have you guys seen this video? Before I transferred to working in a prison facility, a lot of former co-workers from the hospital mostly had negative remarks of why I shouldn't go there. The number one reason was it was not a safe place to be.

But what would I do if the Lord was bringing me here? I would rather trust the One Who knew what was best for me at that time. And He would be my Protector!

Turned out to be, I even felt safer working in that environment.

There are many deputies who would be there in a heartbeat if something goes wrong. And of all the impossible.....there are those times, when some inmates themselves, step in to protect the staff....

From the moment I started working there, I knew that if I wanted to be respected, you had to treat everyone with respect..."You reap what you sow..." [Galatians 6:7].

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A new broom sweeps clean.

We may change our methods but we don't change the basic principles.

If you're not changed, you don't have Jesus, because He changes people! No matter how good you are, He'll make you better!

Lord help me to change the things that need to be changed, & not to change the things that don't need to be changed, & especially Lord, help me to know the difference!

Just because we did it that way yesterday, doesn't mean we have to do it that way today! If you can find some easier, quicker, shorter, better, faster way to do it, do it!

All changes are difficult & sometimes costly, but if they're good changes, in the long run they pay off!

[Quotes from Word of Love]
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