The Big Mess [LOAM-Ladies On A Mission]

I had so much emotions welled up in me when Sister Lisa asked me if I wanted to be a part of LOAM [Ladies On A Mission]. You guys should have seen me because I was so excited! Not for me. For Him Who is so full of goodness!

I had given a copy to sister Lisa right away but I had one, or another story, that I originally typed first.

"Now?" I asked the Lord that night. "You want me to send it to her now? She's gonna' think "I'm nuts! So soon...."

As soon as I got done questioning Him, His timing, I found myself repenting. Sorry Lord. For not trusting you with Your perfect timing...

Click...and my story was shared with sister Lisa. What's new....We always make a mess. But thanks be to God for His faithful love and grace. He is God of so many chances...So, follow "this mess" over at sister Lisa....
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