Awful Bronchitis

I told my son I couldn’t be upset with his dad who had been coughing mildly since yesterday. He wouldn’t heed my advice. 

“Take a nap!” 

As his dad started cleaning minor stuff and decided to get the old, I thought looked like an unstable wooden ladder we had for many years. Ascended each worn out step with full trust and faith as his right hand held the brush, the left hand with a half-filled paint for touching up the white wooden valances he made himself few days ago.

How could I be upset? I had come down with bronchitis, too for about a week now. Despite lacking nasal congestion, I started hearing odd sounds as I breathed out last Friday night. I thought a velcro was being ripped out of my chest. Yet, I wasn’t having trouble breathing. I remembered…The late afternoons had been windy and perhaps, the unseen pollen that got scattered by hot valley winds had found a victim with hayfever like me.

I didn’t want to be on antibiotics. I was just sick a couple of months back and my doctor had to prescribe two kinds to combat the sinus issues I had at that time. If it was viral, the antibiotics would not work anyway. 

Has anyone of you ever had bronchitis? Mine was only mild but oh boy! The heaviness on the chest was awful and that “grating like sound” every time I exhaled. I didn’t need my stethoscope. But the worse part was the sudden bouts of coughs that made me feel like I would run out of breath. Never had that before! Along with it was the first discovery of the stress those coughs caused on my poor bladder. 

But despite those unwanted symptoms, I could never rest. I would get up and learned to do household chores anyway. 

Vacuum… Coughs…

Laundry… Coughs…

Clean the toilets and showers… Coughs…

Cook… Coughs… (as I struggled to cover my mouth)…

I was just grateful that the xray showed I didn’t have pneumonia. This had been a good learning season for me. To learn many home remedies to ease up such discomfort.  I had never downed so many kinds of broths and homemade soups in my life. Me? A coffee drinker learned to adjust to drinking green tea with lemon. My pockets always filled with honey-lemon candies. 

I heard my husband cough once or twice. 

“Rest!” I yelled. But with the tone that never forced him, too… I knew he would know his limit.
I just didn’t want him to end up like me having bronchitis. 

It’s one of those illnesses that makes one Christian stop and think and wish… for the Lord to return…
Because when He does…there is no time for awful, awful bronchitis…

By the way, for the first time...I have learned how to use an inhaler. Careful not to accidentally waste the mist and careful not to accidentally spray my eyes. 
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