Wow...seasons have come and gone so fast, leaving me thinking where the years went. The years just slipped through my fingers like how sand would...

There are so many things we give up sometimes in our lives as the years go by. A project maybe? A dream? A relationship? Hope? Faith? There will always be mountains that face us and challenge our endurance. In this life, we face the mountain of illnesses, of different kinds of problems, of fear, and even of death. There will always be times when turning back seems the wisest thing to do, yet, sometimes, we can't make a "u-turn" for some reasons. We just have to face that huge mountain. I know it will be okay if we try to conquer that mountain, not with our own strength but of God's. We can always go to Him and ask Him to help us climb that mountain we are facing.

Psalm 61:2 - "I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the Rock that is higher than I."
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