Letting Go

So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him. ~ Matthew 7:11 (NLT)

I looked at the calendar behind me as I started typing now. A little over a week. That’s all that’s left. How fast time really goes by. Much more, now that I’m not working and has more time to notice things. Like sand, time does go through my fingers in a fast pace.

A little over a week…That’s the time to “let go” of our child. Who will pursue his higher education. His passion to draw things and produce wonderful art from his endless imagination. The “gift” my husband and I have seen since he was little.

Is my husband and I really “letting go?” After investing many years of protecting, loving, providing and teaching this incredible man we are both so blessed with. It is not easy. But love bears all things. Endures all things. Does not keep no record of wrongs.

I used to worry. Given the circumstances of what’s going on around us. Of what I have learned from working in the prison how evil men can be and how early some are being released now. Our child is going to a place. To a new environment. To meet and live with strangers. But he needs to grow.

As I look at each of the passing day, I know I can’t worry but instead pray about it. Daily. As I ask, I know in my heart that is the first thing I need to do at every remaining days. To seek for what God plans to do for our child’s life and for us, as his parents. And to keep knocking until “worry” has no place or root in the soil of our hearts as parents.

“I’m excited for you!” I told my child one morning. “You are entering a new phase of discovery in your life.” “But in doing so, always start your day with the Lord.” “And end your day with the Lord.”

“I love you mom,” he replied.

Now I feel peace. Joy. Things that only come from Him. Deep down I know that worrying shouldn’t take over our hearts and minds as parents. Because worry can never be bigger than our good Father in heaven Who can give anything we ask for according to His will. Who works all things for the good of those who love Him.

I am proud of my child the way he absorbs things we share about his heavenly Father. I know, what he learned and continue to learn on his own will carry him to many places as he does things he is gifted with. No matter how much praises he got from his mentors and peers and us, he knows Who to give it back to. No!!! It is not “letting go” as being apart. This is the time for my husband and I to “let him go”, as a brother in Christ, to where God wants him to be.

We are still his parents and would always be. Actually, in those days that are lost, I feel him closer to us, seeking advice when necessary and loving and respecting my husband and I more. Those lost days are the very foundation which he may be able to use what he learned and continue to learn and to gain more wisdom and know more about God's plan for his life.
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