The Warning

Every deputy. Every medical staff. Knew him. Yes…One of our worst manipulative diabetic who was always upset with his treatment. Knowing what to do when he wanted to make those unnecessary trips to the county’s ER. Only to refuse the doctor’s treatment as soon as he got there. 

“I don’t want to stay there. Are you going to give me my bedtime insulin?”

The deputies, growing tired of hearing his whining wanted him to just shut up and I could feel the heavy air. Of annoyance married with hidden anger. Steadily growing as this particular inmate wanted to show that he was unstoppable. And that he knew he didn’t belong in the prison. He didn’t deserve it. Despite the crimes he committed.

“You’re asking me?” I uttered back as an answer to his question.

“If you know you refused your insulin in the evening and then you ate your dinner and the bedtime snack after, you know your sugar is sky rocket high right now. The nurse wants to give your bedtime dose anyway except we needed to consult the doctor and he wanted to see you for your very high sugar level. That was the only reason why they needed to take you to ER. Do you think it was necessary?”

“I know whatever they’ll do will mess me up. Just give me my insulin. You’re gonna’ give it, right?”


I handed him a couple of syringes that had the amount of two types of insulin he needed.

“Thank you…” he uttered. Feeling confident he won again. That he could control his diabetes. The way he wanted it managed. By himself.

He got up and lifted the chain a bit that was wrapped around his waist as he put his cuffed hands together. Smiling at the 2 deputies escorting him, he slowly took a step as his tan sandals make its way toward the metal door.

“By the way…” I hollered…

“No one is messing you up. You’re the one messing yourself up…You know that your treatment is available. But you never comply…Not until you have faith in what the medical staff does to help you, of course, everything is going to mess you up!” I warned.

The deputies smiled at me. He didn’t look back. Amazing that the retort I was expecting from his smart mouth didn’t happen. I knew…I would see him again…Not until he believed in the care being given by medical staff, he would remain doubting… He always demanded…When everything was already graciously provided. 

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Thomas…The Doubter… Who didn’t believe with Jesus’ coming back to life. Wanted proof. And Jesus allowed him. He didn’t leave him in his state of unbelief. The wounds Thomas touched did not only prove Jesus’ return to life but ended up touching his unbelief…That he exclaimed…

“My Lord and my God…” (John 20:28)

And there is a warning given to all… That if one is faithless…then he is Christless…graceless…hopeless…joyless… But what hope awaits for those who believe and trust in Jesus…

Then Jesus told him, "Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed." – John 20:29

My God, You are the unchanging love                                      
My God, Your heart sends hope from above
The Great Creator, Beautiful Savior
I've been redeemed
There is life now from Your victory
You are my God (You are my God) – (Chorus, “My God” by Jeremy Camp)

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