With Your Power And Might

I had posted a prayer request earlier. Please scroll down to see my previous post and please visit bro. Andy's site at "Insights From The Bible."

As I came home after dropping off my son at his school, I asked for the Lord to give me a new song to praise Him as I haven't played my guitar in a while. And He is always faithful to grant that request every time we ask from our heart. Within 5-10 minutes, He gave me a song.

I want to thank You Lord for all of Your blessings. For another day in our lives. Days that go by so fast, like sands slipping through fingers. But You constantly remind us, that when we seek You first, You are always there, wanting us to do that and wants to bless us in return. Thank You Lord for Your faithful love and mercy. Thank You that we can come boldly to Your throne of grace as You see Jesus' righteousness when we do so. You provide everything. And we don't deserve anything.

Forgive us for the times that we don't seek You. When we are lost in this world's busyness and find excuses not to be still and give time to see Your face. Please forgive us when we maximize our trials and forget that there is nothing impossible with You. Give us a heart surgery Lord. And help us continue to grow in Your grace and knowledge.

Yet, You continue to love us unconditionally. I love You Lord. I pray for You to fill all of Your children's hearts with Your Spirit. So that we die everyday and let Jesus in us increase. Give us the boldness to share the Good News. Give us discernment and protect us at all times O Lord. Thank You. Praise Your Holy Name. I have witnessed the power of me just saying Your mighty Name "Jesus" and the enemy cowers.

Thank You that we have Your mighty weapons and power to be able to fight. Yes, we will stand. Even in these evil days. Because You never leave us nor forsake us. Glory be to You O Lord forever and ever. I pray all of these in Jesus' Mighty Name. Amen.

With Your Power and Might
[song by: Daddy and rcubes 2/1/10

This road was not easy for me

Sometimes, I got weak and weary

When I fell, I felt like surrendering

‘Til You came along and reached out to me


And this child fights with Your power and might

I don on Your armor and know that I can stand

With Jesus, I can claim a total victory

Yes, I’ll fight…with Your power…and might

This road is never easy, now I know

But the truth is that You’re there beside me

You fill me up with grace and mercy

You lived for God but you died for me

[Repeat Chorus]


….only Jesus

…..Only with Jesus

Prayer Request

In lieu of my regular posting, this morning, as I did my devotional before my busy mornings start, a prayer request from a dear brother in Christ had caught my attention as I usually checked my bloggy friends' new posts.

I'm bringing it to your attention, prayer friends/intercessors to please visit brother Andy's site [from "Insights From The Bible]. Or you can also scroll down until you see my blog roll and click on "Insights From The Bible".

He is a great brother in Christ who loves to share God's Word in his site. Him and his wife need your prayers. Don't we all, anyway? To pray for each other, not only at times of needs but everyday, for protection. I had posted it before, when Jesus prayed for the disciples and all believers, [John 17:6-26] He didn't ask the Father to take us out of this world. He prayed for protection for His followers. Because we don't battle in our own power and might. We battle with His.

May God bless you all and thank you for coming by.

1Thessalonians 5:17 -"Never stop praying."

Ephesians 6:10 - "Be strong in the Lord's mighty power."
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