Use What's Given

I could still feel the adrenaline rush from most of my co-workers working PM shift last night [Friday], as I got to work and placed my transparent purse with all my nursing tools. Everyone was talking about the “Code Blue” they had prior to my arrival in a particular unit and how the male inmate almost didn’t make it.

Fortunately, it was a great group working together last night and one of the particular nurses who was a Trauma Nurse outside, adeptly coordinated the life-saving effort to revive this man who shot up some heroin into his arm. But I also wanted to commend each of those nurses, some who might not be a trauma nurse, but all of them had special skills they contributed to help in that tug-of war they were in, to save this man between life and death.

I often wondered how much I am able to contribute each night that I am at work. Not only at work, but also with my family, with my loved ones and other places. Working in the prison now for almost 11 years, some of the skills I had learned from Orthopedics I must have forgotten, even lost.

That is what’s going to happen if our God-given talents or abilities are not used. We must not feel inferior to anyone though. Because God had given each of us special skills to use for His glory. So, we must never underestimate our capabilities.

We must be all working together, coordinating a life-saving effort to those walking around us who are spiritually dead. Only the life-saving power of Christ could revive anyone. Jesus came to share about God and His Kingdom and while he was away now for a while, us, followers, should be productive and faithful during His temporary absence.

“But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells about him?” ~ Romans 10:14 [NLT]

“Yes,” the king replied, ‘but to those who use well what they are given, even more will be given. But from those who are unfaithful, even what little they have will be taken away.” - Luke 19:26

What are your special talents and abilities? How can you use them for God’s work in this world? Let us use our talents or they will diminish!

Lord, help us and continue to guide us with Your divine wisdom. Protect us Lord against the works of evil. Give us the boldness and the courage to be able to share the Good News to those who are perishing. I was like them before Oh, Lord. Thank You for saving us. I pray for Your mercy despite the many rebellion that continues to be displayed from many stubborn hearts. Help us Lord to be productive with what You have given us. Help us determine what they are. Remind us about a young boy who had just 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes, yet, with everything that he had, his faith found that key that made him surrender all he has gotten to Your hands. Give us the strength Lord to press on until You return. May everything we do, be done in Your glory.

May Your will be done Lord! Thank You for Your love and mercy! In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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