I  dealt with them, time to time…In front of me, each affected inmate would accept that he has been hearing voices telling him to hurt himself. To kill himself. With their eyes surrounded by darkness and had grown puffy, I could just tell, that inmate was not able to sleep. That deep inside him, something was eating his heart.

I had seen those who tried to follow what the voices were telling them. Whether the voices were soft as a whisper or bombarding their minds vigorously, they tried to put an end to that by actually harming themselves. Battling depression or other mental illnesses, their addiction to illegal substances that could also bring psychosis, there seemed to be no escape.

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And there were a few. The ones who wanted to overcome. No matter what the voices were dictating, they knew something was not right. And they were brave enough to take the first step. That was to seek help. From the nursing or custody staff. Until we could determine the need to place them in Suicide Watch for their own safety. To house them there temporarily until the Psych Doctor would come and assess each of them and an appropriate therapy started to help them win and preserve their precious lives.

Voices…We are bombarded by 2. This world’s and that of the Lord’s…Which voice would you likely seem to follow?

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” ~ John 10:27

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