He Leads

So, I decided to call from home before going to work last night, to verify and make sure that I was still scheduled at Intake. Much to my surprise when they told me that I would be at the Clinic. It was a good thing I called or else, I would have gone straight to Intake.

The charge nurse greeted me as I walked in. She was supposed to leave early and that was why there was a change of schedule. She had me replace her as the charge nurse when she left. The night was chaotic even at the Clinic. But it became manageable. I had learned to continue to trust and give everything to the Lord. Unscheduled sick calls kept coming one after another. Doctor’s orders were piled up. But the other nurse and I just kept working, doing what we had to do. Every hospital return was seen. All unscheduled sick call’s issues were addressed. The orders were down to only a few charts.

I was surprised that the oxygen concentrator was not taken cared of for 2 inmates that were housed in a special medical unit. As soon as the charge nurse left, I made it a priority to check on those 2 inmates and had gathered the equipments I needed for their use. I found the long tubing that could be connected to the machine so they could walk around their cell without being deprived of the needed oxygen. Except there was no connector to the nasal cannula that they used to be able to breathe the oxygen. I always had a scissor in my pocket and working now for years, nurses just have to learn to improvise. That moment was nothing unusual. So, I tried to cut the end of the cannula’s tubing and it did fit right into the long tubing connector. [I was thanking the Lord!!! I knew that I didn’t need to worry about anything knowing He was in control].

Ever changing schedules….way like our plans in our lives. We don’t have that control. Plans do change. If we are not committing each of our plans with God, there is always that gnawing fear. Fear of unknown. Fear of “what if’s?” God truly doesn’t need much from us to accomplish His plan for our lives. It’s the opposite. We are the ones who need Him and definitely will not make it without Him. Any situations or plans that do not go the way we want them to go seem to paralyze us knowing we are limited with our capabilities. But with God, His power and might will help us see the way out. Through prayers, they help us focus on Him instead of the problems. After all, there is no problem or trial bigger than the mighty God we serve. So, glory be to God! And thank you for your prayers….

By the way, the Intake Nurse [which was supposed to be me] was overwhelmed and had to open many charts for those inmates who had medical or mental health issues. She was just so fatigued that she requested if she could be at the Clinic tonight. [Please pray for us working in the jail. Many inmates are now sicker than before].

“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” ~ Proverbs 16:9

“And now the Sovereign Lord and his Spirit have sent me this message: “The Lord, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel, says: I am the Lord your God, Who teaches you what is good and leads you along the paths you should follow.” - Isaiah 48:17

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