Father's Day

Lord, I just want to thank you for giving me one of the best earthly father,Ricardo, who had gone home to be with You, a little over a year ago. I miss him but I thank You for the wonderful times we shared while he was here. He was a very loving father, who always put his family’s concerns first. He was the one who motivated me to keep writing and drawing pictures when I was little. He would come home for vacations after sailing as a Radio Operator and would bring home lovely stationeries and colorful markers, crayons, and colored pencils. Together with my mom, they were a picture of sweet marriage for 30 something years bonded by Your love.

Thank You Lord for giving me one of the best husbands and father to our child - a man who works so hard without seeking recognition for all the things he does. A man who would trade anything to be there for me and my son. J and I love you daddy!Happy Father's Day!

I want to praise You, O Lord, for You are our best Father from the beginning. You deserve our honor and praise. Thank You for allowing us to be called Your children and we really are! [1John 3:1]. What a privilege! How great to be called Your children “now”, not just sometime in the distant future. You had given us Your best gifts: Your Son, forgiveness and eternal life. Thank You Lord for Your eternal, unconditional love. I love You.

Psalm 68:5 – “Father to the fatherless, defender of widows – this is God, Whose dwelling is holy.”

I’m posting this a few days early since I’m working this weekend. I want to greet all of you dads out there a “Happy Father’s Day”. I wrote this song on February 4, 2004 to praise our Father Who had loved us from the very start. I had sent a couple of songs to a studio just to see how it would turn out when they did the demo tape for me. This was one of the song: “I’m Your Father”. God bless you all!

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