Stop Dreaming

I don’t trust the mainstream media. For quite a while. Knowing that their report only benefits one side. The news is always about good things. I know that’s not real. Knowing that many problems keep occurring here in the U.S.A. and all over the world. Either the degree of occurrences is lessened or  the government chooses to ignore the problems. It’s rarely noted that there is a filter in the news that goes on which the majority of the public sees and hears.

I was watching t.v. one day when the show was interrupted by a speech from a government leader, as my lids started getting heavier each second. The coveted invitation from a late afternoon’s nap seemed to paralyze my body.  And in that state, the man’s speech reached my auditory senses in a blur. As my mind wandered at the same time…

"Of all the turmoils. Of all the conflicts going on here and abroad… Of all the silence and lack of actions… Why say something "now?"

The continuous glow from the television set prevented me from completely falling into a deep sleep. As my mind kept shifting from many dreams America has. Dreams pursued by its people.  Dreams that other people from other countries also wanted.  The top on the list: Freedom.

We all have dreams…Dreams that people from all walks of life help shape. Starting from the government down to each and every one of us. But I’m tired of all the useless dreams being shared to our nation as a whole. I’m tired of all twisted histories to support their dreams’ cause. I’m tired of seeing…of hearing dreams that side with evil instead of good…

Suddenly, my right leg fell from the couch where I was comfortably resting… I slowly got up and decided to brew a cup of coffee. Various commercials kept being aired from the t.v. The man’s speech was over and I didn’t even have a clue of its entirety…

My interest was more on the aroma of the freshly-brewed cup which was yelling, summoning me, as one expression started dancing in my mind…

“Wake up and smell the coffee!!!”

I inhaled the caffeinated odor from my white cup. Drawing the cup closer to my lips and with care, I took a small sip of the hot beverage, I became fully awake. Sometimes, that was the only thing that a person needed…

To wake up and smell the coffee…

 To face reality first instead of pursuing dreams. After all, dreams sometimes can be vain and be full of false hope. Dreams can be lies masked in truth. Dreams can simply be not easily understood. Sadly, dreams also fade. Dreams don’t solve anything if real situations are not realized or ignored.

For the open borders are truly major crises. The Israel-Hamas conflict has been going on but who is the real terrorist? No... U.S.A. doesn’t need to look far. For real, major problems here inside abound. The vets are not getting the deserved help they need for their health and financial woes. Many of them died waiting for treatments. The citizens and legal residents are not getting any breather for their taxes that don’t go down. The crash of housing market continues as many ended up losing their homes. Schools are being closed. Many lost jobs. Where can the people go to vent out their frustrations and their needs when the president, the Congress and other serving public officials always turn their heads away from real issues and keep on fighting among each other? But they are not fighting for the cause of America and its people. They are fighting against each other’s selfish ambitions or dreams. And the reality is that…they keep on spending when this country is broke! The nation’s debt growing each second by thousands of dollars…

May these real circumstances surrounding each one of us serve as our own  “wake-up” calls!

For no new dream can ever fix what has already become America’s nightmares!

It Will Always Be Sin

Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it. – James 4:17 (NLT)

“Is Dad going home yet?” asked my child who was just as concerned as I was for the long shift my husband, along with the other law enforcement officers were providing, to continue to watch the building where the terrorist attack occurred.  Law enforcement officers from so many agencies had gathered together and worked as a team to continue to serve and protect the people of the affected city.

“That was him,” I pointed to my child as I was watching the press conference to address the issues and most of all, to alleviate the fears of the public.

“Where?” asked my child as he moved his face just inches away from the glowing t.v. monitor.

Blended in the darkness of the night, a safe distance from within reach of all those bright lights and sensitive microphones, I saw his distinct figure. No matter how dark, as his spouse for almost 24 years, I would never be mistaken to identify him. Even without my glasses, I would always be sure.

The figure moved. His back on the cameras. As he moved, my child agreed…

“That’s Dad!”

A raised –up tone, not of excitement for his father to be on t.v. despite the obscurity, but a tone of concern for the long hours of labor he, along with the other officers, must have to endure to keep their vigilance as the investigation continued.

Enough of political correctness…This wouldn’t solve nor prevent any future attacks. It is not about having liberal or conservative views that will contribute to the downfall of this beautiful nation.

Rather, it will always be SIN… Especially the sin of omission…Knowing that one should have done something good and instead, doesn’t.

As Christians, we, each carry that tiny, light that should reflect that of our Saviour’s. We must continue to labor, despite the hardships and future predicaments that will test each heart’s endurance and integrity. We must do what is right, not in the eyes of men, but of God’s.

How beautiful that tiny light must be, despite all of them being scattered. Even a tiny light can be enough to truly brighten up a dark place. It doesn’t have to be known whose light because it’s futile to boast about worldly accomplishments and things.

To all the law enforcement officers who work so hard with honesty and integrity, may God always protect you all and guide you with His wisdom. The dedication many of you do and all the sacrifice you must make as each of you step out of the comfort of your homes each day, though most of the times are not recognized, I know I’m not alone in remembering you all in prayers, paired with a grateful heart for all those things you do:

To preserve the freedom of this beautiful country and to continue to protect its people, and maintain law and order.

The End Is Just The Beginning

I had given my advice a little over two weeks ago. Today marks the start of my resignation from being a Correctional Nurse after working in the prison for 15 years. I remember bits and pieces from back then. How I used to have nightmares during the first three months as I transitioned from being an Orthopedic nurse to a career that I had no knowledge of. How scary it was! Feeling each nightmare was real. To the point that I had almost quit! But the nurse who oriented me kept pushing for me.

“Give it 3 months, Rcubes,” she often uttered every time I tried to vent out my fears.

I personally approached her one morning, few months ago and thanked her. 
Little did I know… That 3 months would turn to 15 years. All because of her encouragement. We hugged. Reminisced the times we had learned working with each other. And the wisdom we gained after it all.

Reflecting now, I know very well…This is the arena where God has increased my faith and made His weapons known to my heart and mind. He made me aware of the importance of depending on Him and Him alone. In able for me to succeed and finish each task without FEAR. In attaining this dream that was out of my comfort zones.

I have not scheduled myself to work for a couple of months until my resignation today. Lately, I’m having nightmares again. About inmates running after me. Of wanting to hurt me. Except…this time, I am not afraid. I remember finding myself praying so hard in each dream. Hiding and not being found by the evil man. As I wrestle, arming myself with nothing but PRAYERS.

I don’t know yet what is to come. But I know God uses each season to teach me a spiritual lesson in everything that comes to my path. For now, I’m enjoying even more time with my family. Learning to try many recipes. Savoring the peace that comes from a clean and quiet home. Slowing each second to truly reflect on what matters the most in this life.

And knowing deep in my heart, no matter what nightmare comes to mind, I wouldn’t be afraid. Knowing that God has His own plans for me and that my dreams, real or not,  will never be thwarted by any enemy.

Any ending marks the beginning of something in God’s timetable…
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