The End Is Just The Beginning

I had given my advice a little over two weeks ago. Today marks the start of my resignation from being a Correctional Nurse after working in the prison for 15 years. I remember bits and pieces from back then. How I used to have nightmares during the first three months as I transitioned from being an Orthopedic nurse to a career that I had no knowledge of. How scary it was! Feeling each nightmare was real. To the point that I had almost quit! But the nurse who oriented me kept pushing for me.

“Give it 3 months, Rcubes,” she often uttered every time I tried to vent out my fears.

I personally approached her one morning, few months ago and thanked her. 
Little did I know… That 3 months would turn to 15 years. All because of her encouragement. We hugged. Reminisced the times we had learned working with each other. And the wisdom we gained after it all.

Reflecting now, I know very well…This is the arena where God has increased my faith and made His weapons known to my heart and mind. He made me aware of the importance of depending on Him and Him alone. In able for me to succeed and finish each task without FEAR. In attaining this dream that was out of my comfort zones.

I have not scheduled myself to work for a couple of months until my resignation today. Lately, I’m having nightmares again. About inmates running after me. Of wanting to hurt me. Except…this time, I am not afraid. I remember finding myself praying so hard in each dream. Hiding and not being found by the evil man. As I wrestle, arming myself with nothing but PRAYERS.

I don’t know yet what is to come. But I know God uses each season to teach me a spiritual lesson in everything that comes to my path. For now, I’m enjoying even more time with my family. Learning to try many recipes. Savoring the peace that comes from a clean and quiet home. Slowing each second to truly reflect on what matters the most in this life.

And knowing deep in my heart, no matter what nightmare comes to mind, I wouldn’t be afraid. Knowing that God has His own plans for me and that my dreams, real or not,  will never be thwarted by any enemy.

Any ending marks the beginning of something in God’s timetable…


  1. So beautiful this message is. No fear. That only comes from a submissive heart to Christ. Congratulations on a job well done, my friend. I am thinking of all the people you have helped and encouraged both in the prison and here at the blog over the years. May God reward you richly for all the times you shared the gospel through words and sometimes just healing. I'm proud of you. I can just picture Father God hugging you today and saying "That's my girl."

    Loving hugs,

  2. praying for you my friend, as you start this new part of your life. I love you.


"Faith is taking the first step even if you don't see the whole staircase..."
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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