It's About....Me?

There were three of them…Against me…They felt so strong knowing I didn’t have anyone to defend myself. Tired as I seemed since I worked the night before, my mind had never been more alert than that scheduled crucial meeting to wound me and specifically intended to smother me.

What they didn’t perceive was I was not truly alone. If they thought that their words that were so far apart from what was being written on a piece of paper would get away, they were wrong. If they thought that I would not remember being stabbed, being punched, being beaten, they were wrong.

I had brought my God with me. They didn’t see Him, because if they did, their actions would have been done with LOVE. And He saw it all. His heart broken as they started lashing at me. He cried as I cried in my car. He did what He usually would do...To hold me tight in His loving arms. To make me rest in His faithful and wonderful promises...

I was sure they were talented. I was sure they knew a lot of things. And in power, they did serve. Unfortunately, not to serve others but just themselves.

“I want you to look at the person sitting next to you and tell them, “You are more important than me,” uttered our pastor yesterday during our earliest Sunday fellowship.

“You are more important than me,” I whispered to my husband sitting on my left, whose eyes were intentionally enlarged so close to my face as he was saying the same thing…

And to my right, where my precious child was sitting, “I am more precious than you…” And he started laughing, not expecting that I didn’t say what the pastor wanted us to say. But he knew I was only kidding, as he enjoyed a simple laughter with me. He knew what I told him often….

“Do not think highly of yourself but of others,” I often reminded before I sent him off to school.


“Stay humble, mom,” he answered as he would give me a hug and a kiss and uttered his “I love you.”

But I loved what my pastor quoted…

“No one is more important than He Who is the Chief of this house, Who is the Head of this church….”

“Jesus Christ…”

Yes, that was the Truth! I wasn’t important. You were not important. He is!!! And it would be easy to find that out in our lives who would be important. We could all just stand in front of the mirror and see what the reflection would be…

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Matthew 6:21

Oh Lord, please empower me with Your Holy Spirit. Remind me that I had died long ago and that now, You are the One living in me.  Through this trial, I want to thank You for reminding me, to defend myself, yet respond with the kind of love that comes from You. Please cover us with Your Holy blood and surround us [Your children]with Your mighty angels. For once, I had never felt defeated even if that was what they were thinking. They didn’t know I had You. “What can man do to me?”

Please guide me, give me discernment as I get up after being replenished by Your power and might. And yet, Lord, I ask that You bless them even more, despite their wrong motives. Help me forgive them the way You have forgiven me. I love You Lord. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Friends, today is the day that I am getting up, fully energized by the Spirit, like I had always been. I never backed down knowing their accusations and motives were not true. I knew they were trying to wound me because their hearts were void of the Savior’s love. And all they wanted to happen was for their own motives. Please continue to pray for me. I feel that. And I thank you. Please forgive me if I haven’t been responding at this time but just know, that I treasure all of your comments, your prayers, your love and your willingness to stand by me…If I am responding to let them know that they cannot do everything that they want to do, it is because I want the Lord to be glorified. To Him be the glory forever. I love you all in His Holy Name….God bless.

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