The Wrong Order

No man can follow Christ and go astray.  ~William H.P. Faunce
I knew the lady didn’t understand me when I ordered my drink from the drive-through.

“Coffee…Not mocha…frappuccino please….” I repeated.

I heard a slight giggle when she had her audio on…I thought I heard “Okay…Toffee…Mocha…”

True enough, as she was giving me the cold drink by the window and I was paying a little more, it was Mocha Frappuccino with toffee. I wanted the coffee. Simpler. Less sweet than the other one. On top of that…toffee was added.

She didn’t apologize. Except she said I didn’t have to pay for the drink and I should try it. Whether I liked it or not. I insisted for her to take the readied $5 on my left hand. Still. She acted like I didn’t say my order right. She was giving me back 3 quarters but I left it. In their tip jar.

“Try it…” she coaxed.

“I didn’t need to.” A positive reply I threw right back. Without anger.

“I knew what I wanted. Coffee Frappuccino. But thank you anyway.” I added.

With the temperature starting to soar, I moved forward and didn’t insist anymore on having the drink that I was craving for be made. I knew it was His presence guiding me all the way as I interacted with that lady. I didn’t need to be angry right away. That wasn’t my old self. My old self would have scolded her for not taking my order right. And I would perhaps, walked away with the drink corrected…And kept my $5 bill.

I hoped. She would be more careful. In taking the following orders after me. Having the courage to ask to have the order repeated if she didn’t understand. But most of all, to have the courage to apologize and accept the mistake done.

After all, no one is perfect…

And I? I would always be reminded of Who has been residing in me. In my temple. That it only became important because of God’s presence. How could I get angry with that lady? I was the same…I had so many sinful mistakes done in the past that Jesus took for me. He didn’t get angry. Instead, He willingly paid the price of taking away people’s sins on the cross by dying. And I or no one else would ever know the cost of my sins that Jesus took on the cross.

I looked at the frozen drink. Dumped into the sink. I didn’t feel bad wasting $5. Because I knew the reality. Jesus didn’t feel bad paying with His life for sinful souls like mine.So we could live and be free.

I saved that lady from being reprimanded by the manager.

Jesus saved me from the eternal fire…
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