No! Not 7 But "8"

After cleaning and making the house spic 'n span [I try...], off to the grocery my son and I went to get a few things. He's going back to school tomorrow. He's such a big help.
When I logged in and started reading some posts, sister Alleluiabelle had tagged me with her latest post! I wasn't sure at first if I wanted to do this, I think I just didn't know if I would come up with eight things. But I want to thank you sister Alleluiabelle for making me a part of it. I think it's a great way to know more about each other and the other bloggers. If you haven't passed by sister Alleluiabelle's blog site, please do so and be blessed with her deep thoughts and heartfelt journey as she humbly serves and seeks the Lord in her ways.

To do this "8 Things" Tag, you just:

- Mention the person who tagged you.
- Complete the list of 8's.
- Tag 8 of your wonderful blogging friends
- Go tell them that you tagged them.

"8" Things I Look Forward To:

1. To "retire" in the Kingdom where my citizenship belongs
2. To have a "godly" leader in all branches of government and other institutions
3. For more people to know about Christ and His gift of salvation
4. For the Lord to lead me where He really wants me so I can serve Him to my fullest capacity
5. For my neck pain [I had a neck injury from work in 1997] to vanish
6. To grow old with my dear husband gracefully as we watch our son grow up and mature
7. To enjoy each day knowing God is always there no matter what trials will come in my way
8. To be able to keep writing for the Lord and composing songs for His glory

"8" Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Woke up late and feeling that we would be late for the fellowship, had devotion with my family
2. After having 2 cups of caffeine, realizing yes, we could make it! [with hubby and son], rushed to get ready for the fellowship that started at 09:30 a.m.
3. Had lunch at Olive Garden. I ate a bowl of salad and almost finished my "Seafood Alfredo"
4. Too hot so I just relaxed with my family up in the loft and started reading a little bit from a new book I got the other day about writing Christian fictions
5. "zzz" - Just had a little nap, with the book almost falling on my face
6. Made coffee [decaf] for dinner. That was all I had because I ate too much for lunch. I love this decaf medium roast coffee from Ikea
7. Pulled a little bit of little weeds that grew through the cracks on the side yard
8. Blogged and read others' because they encourage me until my eyelids felt heavy

"8" Shows I Watch:

I'm not really much of a tv fanatic. I'm spending more time in the computer or playing with my guitar or reading the Bible and other books. But I do enjoy it so much when I visit my best friend and we watch shows at their house like:
1. American Idol
2. The Bachelor/ Bachelorette [if on]
3. CSI
4. Jeopardy
5. News
6. Movies [whatever good ones are showing]
7. Make over shows
8. Foodnetwork

"8" Bloggers Tagged:

Instead of mentioning my favorite bloggers [as I have a lot!], I welcome you instead, yes, "you" who's reading it right now and please feel free to join and be tagged by "me" because I want to know more about you.
Thank you for passing by and God bless all of you...Thanks again sister Alleluiabelle. This was fun.
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