One Greatest Promise

“Every word of God proves true; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.” 
~ Proverbs 30:5 [ESV]

“Do you mind?” I asked my night charge nurse, “If I ask for a raise? I haven’t had one in a long time.”

“I already emailed C.,” she replied. “Give it about 1-2 pay periods and see if you’d get the raise.”

“I’ll make sure she got my email.”

4 pay periods had passed by. I have not noticed any increase with my hourly pay. I try not to whine too much. Because I’m always grateful that the Lord had brought me to this work place where the pay was still higher than what I used to make at the hospital. But the best part, was that my neck pain never got as severe as it was when I used to work in an Orthopedic setting at a major hospital. And all the other spiritual growth I obtain through those tough situations I face.
Still…Any small amount can help at this hard economic times.

I only tried to boldly ask at that time when she summoned me to her office and gave me an evaluation. Much to my surprise. Since I only work part-time and rarely get an evaluation of work performance because we are supposed to have worked 2,400 hours before an evaluation is due. It’s hard for me to accumulate that. It might take 3-4 years with the way I’m scheduled to work.

Broken promises hurt. It feels like a betrayal in a way when the words are not accomplished. Politicians lie. Sinners promise to not commit a sin or sins to God and end up doing them again. Couples who pledged a sacred vow, only to break it.

Keeping a promise reflects the condition of our inner selves. It’s either we are a man or woman of integrity or not. Honest or corrupt. Honorable or ignoble. God wants us to keep our promises when we make them.  Because when we give it to someone, it is as if we are also giving it unto the Lord. We are accountable for them.

“Or if they make a rash vow of any kind, whether its purpose is for good or bad, they will be considered guilty even if they were not fully aware of what they were doing at the time.” - Leviticus 5:4

I know that there’s only one greatest promise ever made and was kept and fulfilled. But it depends if a person will choose to receive this new life by faith. This promise that Christ alone saves us. This promise which is a guarantee that anyone who believes in what Jesus had done will live forever. God’s greatest promise…Will you accept it? Will you trust and believe in Him? God's promises never disappoint!

God's Promises For Every Day

Friends, pardon me if I am not able to visit you. Sometimes, I sporadically visit some when I get those precious minutes. I just want to let you all know I appreciate all of your encouraging comments. You are all a blessing to me from above and I treasure your friendship. I also want to let you know that I'm keeping all of you in my prayers daily because I know the Lord knows all of our needs and the conditions of our hearts. May the Lord bless you all and to Him be the glory always and forever. In all ages to come.
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