Let The Words Be Few

"As you enter the house of God, keep your ears open and your mouth shut! Don't be a fool who doesn't realize that mindless offerings to God are evil. And don't make rash promises to God, for he is in heaven, and you are only here on earth. So let your words be few." ~ Ecclesiastes 5:1-2 (emphasis is mine)

They were determined to make me work only until April. As they uttered so many words contradicting their hearts’ motives, I knew those words were just empty, making promises that were already broken because of their desire to terminate me. Thousands of words were laid out on the table except their actions were not the same. The paper they prepared looked good but they did not reveal what they had been saying all along. They tried to quietly intimidate me, accuse me and instill fear about my future. But that just wouldn’t work.I refused to sign it. I saw her stealing quick glances trying to observe my emotions. She found none. She felt good and confident that I was like a puppet with strings she controlled with her hands. I got up and reminded them that I requested to be represented and yet, they proceeded with this planned tryst, with me unaware of others' presence.

"How can they not know in their power what is right and what is wrong?" I thought to myself as I got up. One hearsay was blown into something that would damage my career. And one inaccurate accusation got passed along because of this person's intention to hurt me. I tried defending myself but my words went out into their other ears.

The person who was supposed to be with me didn't call me back. All alone, I wasn't afraid because I know the Truth that there is One Who knows and directs everything that happens and He is in complete control over my life. Over their lives. With my limited knowledge, things may seem bleak but in my heart that sees Him, I know He already knows and that in everything, I trust He will turn this into good. He was the One after all, Who put me in this dark place from where I was before. He was the One Who gave me discernment to know what was going on.

Their empty words…They were all useless. That was plain foolishness.

“Open our eyes, Lord,” I softly prayed while sitting at the back of the car, driven by my son learning now how to drive and as my husband sat next to him on our way to His house, listening to worship songs from the radio station.

“Open the eyes of our hearts, Lord…” “Let our words be few…”

I know, no matter what happens, even if feeling this injustice, I know He takes notice of everything. I would rather not say thousands of words that are meaningless in front of Him. I don’t want to take a step way before Him. I don’t want to do the talking but rather just listen to Him. It’s not right to tell Him what I want. Knowing He is the only One Who is faithful and true to His promises, I know that I can fully trust in Him and on His perfect timing.And I am sad not because of the situation I'm in. I am sad for them because when truth is revealed, it will hurt them instead. For now, I would rather just FOCUS on Him. For now, I would rather not miss what He wants for me...

“Let my words be few…” “Lord, You deserve our praises and thanks. You alone orchestrate everything. Thank you for putting joy into my heart, instead of fear. Thank you for the comfort You cover me with as these people try to cut me deep. Thank you that You know their accusations are not true and I know that in Your perfect time, it will be revealed. Thank You that though it may seem like a fiery trial, You protect me and make me safe. Let my words be few Lord…And if words do come out, may they please You only. In Jesus’ Name.”

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