No Baggage

Some relatives stayed with us for a little over two weeks. They came with 3 luggages and on the day of their departure left with even more. A total of 6. But as the lightning lit up the dark skies that early morning last Saturday and the heavens seemed to protest through the deafening boom of thunders the spiritual battle my family and I discerned during that last moment, cries of unsettled heartaches remained. No matter how much we accepted them with love and asked to let go of the unseen spiritual baggage, my husband and I knew, no words would ever go through deaf ears, no loving actions be seen through blurry eyes of deception... Despite this family's struggle to try everything with their own strength to stay here in USA, they knew, my husband and I would never be able to help them if their stay would mean breaking the law or laws. That was the unresolved bitter feelings they allowed to grow in their hearts. They couldn't understand that as blood related, we wouldn't succumb to such kind of ill plans.

My heart grieved with the darts of accusations that followed from an email. A hateful answer to my initiated email filled with compassion and love. I told this relative, I believed in "actions speaking louder than words..." so I was confident, no matter what lies she had thrown at me and which I wouldn't accept, there were actions on our part full of love and concern that they couldn't deny.

Many nights we woke up with heavy hearts. My mental condition a lot weaker than the physical one. But my husband and I and even our child, we all knew... our obedience to Christ would always be the number one option even if it meant being hated by our own families.

This morning, groggily, I woke up with a clear thought though...

Of how Christ died on that wooden cross. His bloodied arms stretched and both hands nailed securely. His head bowed down as He ended His physical journey.

Even on His death, He is inviting all sinners. To come to Him at the foot of that cross. With His open arms. To each sinner to come empty and leave all spiritual baggage behind. Because on His death, that is where each sinner comes to life.

Lately, I had come across Matt Redman's new song "Unbroken Praise..." With my guitar, I loved everything about the simple lyrics and the hymn with it. But this morning, I never liked it. I ended up loving it more...Because that's what God wants...For my life to be the song. A life of unbroken praise that I can offer daily.

Lord, please grant the strength and Your wisdom to me and my family to continue to be Your vessels of love, mercy and compassion. At times where we don't have clear understanding and with hearts heavily wounded and  minds mentally drained, help us remember that You were wounded first. Where we are walking now, You were there first. Thank You Lord...You deserve our praise. You alone...

I love You Lord!

God's purpose was that we Jews who were the first to trust in Christ would bring praise and glory to God. - Ephesians 1:12 (NLT)

Monday Prayer

A prayer...We often don't utter...When our strayed hearts have wandered away from Your truth. Help us Lord to always be brought back on Your path. Remind us to always be willing vessels of Your love and mercy. This world is full of lost people. All people You love. All people You want to be saved. Lord, grant Your strength and wisdom to Your children undergoing persecution. Help us focus on what truly matters in this place. Nothing except to know You. To love You. To accept Your gift of forgiveness. And grow in humility and compassion. To serve You in Spirit and Truth. Help us, Lord...Help us...To be strong in this unseen battles we are in, Your children. Help us to remember we are battling in Your strength not ours. To remind us that in reality, we already have the victory, not because of what we had done or been doing. But because of You. To You Lord be the glory always, forever and ever. In Jesus' mighty Name. Amen.
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