It Will Always Be Sin

Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it. – James 4:17 (NLT)

“Is Dad going home yet?” asked my child who was just as concerned as I was for the long shift my husband, along with the other law enforcement officers were providing, to continue to watch the building where the terrorist attack occurred.  Law enforcement officers from so many agencies had gathered together and worked as a team to continue to serve and protect the people of the affected city.

“That was him,” I pointed to my child as I was watching the press conference to address the issues and most of all, to alleviate the fears of the public.

“Where?” asked my child as he moved his face just inches away from the glowing t.v. monitor.

Blended in the darkness of the night, a safe distance from within reach of all those bright lights and sensitive microphones, I saw his distinct figure. No matter how dark, as his spouse for almost 24 years, I would never be mistaken to identify him. Even without my glasses, I would always be sure.

The figure moved. His back on the cameras. As he moved, my child agreed…

“That’s Dad!”

A raised –up tone, not of excitement for his father to be on t.v. despite the obscurity, but a tone of concern for the long hours of labor he, along with the other officers, must have to endure to keep their vigilance as the investigation continued.

Enough of political correctness…This wouldn’t solve nor prevent any future attacks. It is not about having liberal or conservative views that will contribute to the downfall of this beautiful nation.

Rather, it will always be SIN… Especially the sin of omission…Knowing that one should have done something good and instead, doesn’t.

As Christians, we, each carry that tiny, light that should reflect that of our Saviour’s. We must continue to labor, despite the hardships and future predicaments that will test each heart’s endurance and integrity. We must do what is right, not in the eyes of men, but of God’s.

How beautiful that tiny light must be, despite all of them being scattered. Even a tiny light can be enough to truly brighten up a dark place. It doesn’t have to be known whose light because it’s futile to boast about worldly accomplishments and things.

To all the law enforcement officers who work so hard with honesty and integrity, may God always protect you all and guide you with His wisdom. The dedication many of you do and all the sacrifice you must make as each of you step out of the comfort of your homes each day, though most of the times are not recognized, I know I’m not alone in remembering you all in prayers, paired with a grateful heart for all those things you do:

To preserve the freedom of this beautiful country and to continue to protect its people, and maintain law and order.
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