Seek You...But You Found Me First

 "Never cease striving until you have seen God face to face." ~ Oliver Cowdery

"You need a filling," the dentist added before I shoved open the dental office's front door after my regular check up this morning.

I sort of expected that now, getting used to this routine.

What is there in our lives that don't have anything missing?

From physical things to spiritual, it seems that there is always "something" missing.

Before I discovered this less-traveled path "off the beaten trek", I was missing a lot of things. I was walking in darkness for so long that I was missing the true light that could guide me. I was pursuing different roads, finding meanings into my life, that I was missing that only road that offers eternal purpose. All those roads were tiring and meaningless.

I was seeking for something or someone to fulfill that void in my heart.

The truth is, it is only the Lord Jesus Christ Who can fulfill those voids in all of our hearts. Living a life fulfilling God's plan for you and I is the only way to have true meaning in our lives. When we draw nearer to God, He doesn't empower us so we can have all we want to have and all that we want to be. He empowers us so we can have what He wants for our lives.

This was a song I wrote on February 2, 2006, "Seek You...But You Found Me First..."

I was walking for so long in the darkness
'Til a light shone on me
The road I traveled became clear
I knew right there my destiny

I want to seek and find You, Oh Lord
Draw me near to You, I will be strong
I want to seek and find You, my God
Hold me closer...into Your arms

My heart's one desire
Is for You to mold me and make me new
Fan the flame and my hunger for You
So I can talk and walk like You do

I want to seek and find You, Oh Lord
Draw me near to You, to Your Word
I want to seek and find You, my God
Give You thanks and praise...with all my heart

[Seek You....but You found me first...oh my God...]

If you are tired pursuing those things that do not fulfill any void in your life...If you hear Him calling you to return to Him and repent for your sins...If you have taken all the known roads in your life that seem to be going nowhere....Don't turn your back....He is seeking another "lost sheep..."  Because He loves you. Because He doesn't want any one to go to hell. Don't seek those things that do not last....God bless and may you have an open heart and mind as you are reading this now. 

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