I Just Met My Brother

my bro and his family having fun awaiting their own broadcast on "pretend" tv show

I heard our garage door barely opening when my son and I raced and unlocked the door that led to it. I hugged my brother, his wife and his daughter. It felt good to see them again after almost 5 years. And hoped that our reunion was for healing. An appointment written by His scarred Hands in His calendar. It was an unexpected visit from them. It was hard to not know where to start as soon as he called me to let me know that they were boarding the plane from their country of origin and was on their way to our country.

Memories flooded my mind. Of those hurtful accusations he felt against me from our last get-together. But he would never understand no matter how hard I tried to explain. Because the battle we got into was not of physical. It was of unknown domain. The spiritual…

Few days of him hinting that they would want to visit us somehow increased the excitement in my heart. But it was also paired with uncertainties of what was left over from our time together.

I had asked for prayers from you, my friends. And I thank you for doing so. The Lord had been gracious and had blessed me and my brother beyond what we could imagine. Their stay of total of 2 weeks might seem short but it didn’t take that long to know and truly feel the true love we had for each other as a family. Both of us had migrated to foreign lands back in the 80’s and it was only on a few occasions where we were able to convene but not enough to know much about each other’s lives. Soon enough, we had gotten married and the busier we all got.

We shared many fun times we both recalled. There was no mentioning of the past hurt. Day to day, we looked forward to what God had in store for us. The fun of visiting places together. The good company of having meals together. But we both felt and knew. It was beyond that. God had blessed us and our families His healing. His love. His protection. And the wonderful times of getting to know each other on a deeper level. The kind that would remind us that no matter how many oceans divided us, our love had grown deeper knowing we belonged to what our parents had groomed and nurtured for us to follow. And that was for us to always be together. Not divided. For us to love each other, not hate.

“Come anytime…We’re just here…” I reminded them as we said our “goodbye’s” again. And this time, the tears flowed. Warm and sincere. But able to bring out the love kept imprisoned by the walls in our hearts.  And now…with the walls fallen, kept flowing again. The car that my husband drove to bring them to the airport had long been gone. I felt such emptiness. I missed them right away. But I had the comfort at the same time. I felt like I just met my brother again. But I wasn’t sure if I was also seeing my father. He was like my father’s image in mostly everything that I had not seen before. The way he joked around. The way he loved to give. The way he thought about everyone else before him. 

He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things? - Romans 8:32

Ahhhh….But even if....Whatever circumstances...God is good…He is truly the God of healing. The God of compassion. The God of mercy.
The God of love…

(On another note, I also received bad news regarding my case at work. I would not elaborate at this time but if I may request for your prayers for the Lord to provide me with the counsel He approves of. I know He is in control, no matter what happens…Thank You friends and God bless…)
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