Carrying a few charts I just initiated for those new arrestees who had medical problems, the heavy metal door slammed behind me as I headed towards the Clinic from the jail’s Intake. Passing by the Female side of Intake, I had noticed there was a new arrestee, sitting on the concrete bench. The cop who arrested her was waiting in one corner for the female deputies to start searching the arrestee.

I halted and decided to not make the cop wait. I wanted to screen the female just in case she has any medical or mental problems that needed to be addressed.

“Does she have any problem that you know off, Officer?”

“I’m not really sure, Ma’am,” the cop politely answered.

“Why was she arrested if you don’t mind me asking Sir?” [I wanted to know if she was drunk or under influence of any illegal substances].

“I found her wandering by the freeway,” answered the cop.

I turned my head to this quiet arrestee.

“Ma’am, I’m the Intake Nurse here.”

No response. She started giggling, took a quick glance at me, then turned her head and stared on one wall, still bursting with laughter.

“Ma’am, do you have any medical or other problems that I can help you with?”

Still no verbal response. She did the same, previous behavior and I felt like she was making fun of me.

She was dirty. Her shoes blackened by the thick grime. Her mid-length hair was completely in disarray, a little gray sticking out into all directions. Her sunken eyes couldn’t maintain a good eye contact. Her toothless laughter was all the means she responded to every questionnaire.

It was obvious. She has some form of mental illness. And in that state, I couldn’t clearly admit her, not knowing if she even took massive amounts of illegal substances.

Intake Nurses in the jail are the ones to determine if arrestees are medically or mentally fit to be processed and booked. If they feel that there is no stability in any area, it’s the nurses’ decisions that count, to be followed by a high-ranking custody officer, whether they may or may not agree with the nurses’ decisions.

“I don’t want her here,” a soft whisper said behind me. It was one of the Sergeants. “She looks very unstable.”

“Well, thank you Sir for agreeing with me. I feel that she needs some Psych evaluation before she can be booked in,” I replied.

“I’m sorry,” I told the cop.

He must be tired and it was nearing the change of shift that morning. But I didn’t have any choice.

“I’m sorry, Sir that I can’t admit her. Her obvious behavior necessitates for her to be evaluated by a Psychiatrist. If I may recommend for you to bring her to our county Behavioral Health, that is the best option at this time. When the Psychiatrist deems that she is okay to be booked here, then, you may return her here with the doctor’s order.”

“Oh no, it’s okay, nurse. I understand,” answered the young cop, as he started picking up his papers sitting on the steel counter and took the arrestee, back to the squad car.

And we think we are fine! When in reality, our spiritual state is in a BIG mess! We are dirtied by sins.

How about you? Be careful not to hold on to your belief that there is no God, that Jesus is not God. Be careful that you think it’s all a joke and that you can make fun of Him.

It’s not a joke that Jesus came here and gave His own life by dying on the cross. He did that to save you and I. He died, so we may live…
For you who are already believers, remember when Jesus warned his disciples to prepare for persecution? [Matthew 10:16-23]. The disciples were to avoid things that would give advantage to the enemies. Jesus foretold troubles, not only for the troubles to become a surprise but so that they might confirm their faith. If you are faced with persecution, are you willing to stand up for Christ or deny Him?

Persecutors are like beasts, preying. Bonds of love and duties are broken from enmity against Christ. Friendships are broken, family ties are broken. It’s grievous. As Christians, we must learn how to do well, not to speak well. We are not to do anybody any harm and wish anyone any ill-will. We may go out of way, away from any danger, but we must not get away from our duty. And that is to boldly confess Christ and show love to Him in all things.

Remember that Jesus is the ONLY One Who has the “say or power” whether you can be admitted to His kingdom or not. Don’t wait until you face Jesus and hear Him say, “No! I can’t admit you.”

Matthew 10:32,33 - “If you tell others that you belong to me, I will tell my Father in heaven that you are my followers. But if you reject me, I will tell my Father in heaven that you don’t belong to me.” - [CEV].

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