The Song

I pushed the “off button” with my right index finger from our t.v.'s remote control, as soon as my husband descended from the stairs. His sack lunch and a thermos filled with hot tea awaited on the kitchen’s counter top. I sipped the last drop of my first cup of coffee. Perhaps, the first among the three throughout the day.

“What’s new?” he asked. Assuming I was watching the early morning news.

“Nothin…” I softly answered, careful not to make any noises as it was still very early and I didn’t want to wake up our asleep son. Hoping he would enjoy his vacation by taking longer hours of sleep he was deprived of during his school year.

I was tired watching the news. Not merely of what was going on daily. But because “nothing” was being done it seemed to the country’s problems. Some, not even being reported by all of the media. I knew. Because my husband and I witnessed what was going on right from where we worked.

After hugging and kissing and saying our “goodbye’s and I love you’s”, I was determined to go back to bed and tried to catch a few more “zzz’s”. I decided to open some of the windows and the patio door. The usual routine to let some of the fresh, cooler air come into the house. To replenish the stale air that stayed from closed windows and doors to avoid the summer heat from creeping into the house.

After pulling the light blanket over my feet, I heard the familiar sound. The melodious tweeting of birds that seemed to play on the same notes. Beautiful. Each morning. Before the sun peeked on the eastern skies.
I felt His love. I felt His peace. How much such notes that I wish could decipher brought me comfort. Before the day started and would get busy.


Such notes interrupted my thoughts. As I closed my eyes and sleep eluding me, my thoughts began to race. That nature’s song from our backyard reminded me of His song. Indeed. That was His song. 

Zephaniah 3:17 The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.

It sounded like the same song I heard when I was facing the dilemma of accepting the news that my mother was being pulled away from this place when she suffered a stroke.

Or that time when my father was diagnosed with colon cancer and my brothers and I had to go home and be with him during his last hours.

That time when my husband couldn’t find a job and I couldn’t work a lot after suffering a neck injury from the hospital where I worked.

How about that time when I had to face people in higher positions at work who gave me a hard time and did not want to accommodate me?

One thing was becoming clear by then as the span of my life’s journey flashed before my mind. I heard that song. Always. During those difficult times. Reminding me of God’s love. That He was with me. All the time. No matter what I was going through. No matter where I was. No matter when.


I heard those notes died down as the small birds flew away. The same time the sun’s rays appeared in front of the house. I wasn’t able to sleep but in my heart and mind, I couldn’t trade the song I heard with any amount of sleep. Because as I welcomed this new day, I would not be afraid of what would come my way. Knowing I was forgiven and loved first. It would remind me how His song stayed with me during the darkest night and subtly played when the sun arose.

Yes...I feel so much loved that I hear God’s song. God’s love…Being sung to me. For eternity…

All posts/composed songs copyright by RCUBEs.