Free Will -A Tribute To Jesus & My Blogging Friends

"Slurpppppp..." I let the last drop of warm mocha touched my mouth. I curled up my feet up on my seat and buckled my seat belt. My family and I just devoured our breakfast by a parking lot, taking a brief moment to fill our "stomach tanks" prior to hitting the road.

My husband driver fastened his seat belt, with symphony to my son's own clicking, his co-pilot. Slowly, our car inched forward and merged with the other cars zooming in the freeway.

I started flipping the crispy pages of a new book I got yesterday, "The Power of Praying" by Stormie Omartian.

Half an hour later, there was a sudden "screeeeeeccccchhhhh", as I almost kissed the front seat in front of me where my son was sitting. The book fell from my lap and my legs dropped on the floor. "Daddy!!! What's up?, " I hollered to the driver. I looked up to see all these red lights from all of the cars' rears that came on, the sound of other screeching tires could be heard.

"What? What's wrong?," my husband calmly replied to me. Before I could complain "What do you mean what was wrong when my eyeballs almost had popped out of the sockets," I saw this orange sign that read "Construction Ahead".

I ended up apologizing, "I'm sorry daddy. I didn't see that the third lane was merging into the second lane because I was glued to the book and all cozied up."

I requested my son to pop-in a Christian CD for me. "I won't be bothered by this minor delay. With this little annoyance, I could use it to worship my Lord," I thought to myself.

Tim Hughes' "Light of the World" started playing:

"Light of the world
You stepped down into darkness
Opened my eyes, let me see
Beauty that made this heart adore You
Hope of a life spent with You..."

The cars started moving slowly until we all reached the desired speed [:)]. I was feeling rejuvenated and strengthened as I listened to the song despite that traffic jam.

"Here I am to worship
Here I am to bow down
Here I am to say that You're my God
You're altogether lovely
Altogether worthy
Altogether wonderful to me...."

May I ask you something? Now that you are traveling in your life's journey, are you ready to face it if your car or life comes to a sudden halt? God had given all of us the "freedom to choose". Free will as you might know it. How will you react to all the circumstances that bring your journey into a sudden halt?

God inspired me to write this poem as I was sitting in that traffic jam today. He inspired me to choose to trust in Him first. He inspired me to choose to encourage and be encouraged in return with His other children.

Free Will [A Tribute To Jesus and My Blogging Friends]

Do you choose to be held down by something or will you choose to be free?

Do you choose to frown or with a chuckle, you would rather smile?

Do you think highly of yourself or will you humbly consider others better than you?

Do you choose to stand up for what's right or will you be silent despite the lies?

Do you choose to insist on your ways or to God, will you commit your plans?

Do you choose to always be served or with others, will you share even the littlest you got?

Do you choose to deny Jesus or will your heart choose to accept His love?

My friend, this is what Jesus said:

"My child, I love you right from the very start

Whether you choose to love Me or not and believe in Me or not

I chose to die for you and be nailed on that cross..."

The music was fading by now inside the car:

"I'll never know how much it costs
To see my sin up on that cross....

I'll never know how much it costs
To see my sin up on that cross..........."

Things to Ponder:

Easter is not about hunting for eggs. It's not about family reunions to have a big supper of ham, green beans and whatever sumptous foods. Easter is about knowing what Jesus had done on the cross for you. Think about it, unbelieving friends. Don't wait for another Easter and continue to live, not knowing the most faithful love of a Friend. Think about it....Can you give your own life for a friend? Not easy right? How about giving your life for someone you don't even know? Even harder, right? Jesus didn't need to do that but He chose save us from our sins. are given a "free will"....It's either you believe or not.
My blogging friends, let's rejoice! He is risen! To God be the glory!
God bless my friends....

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