No Reason Not To Trust

                                 "His love endures forever..."

Turning on my headlights as the clock glowed at almost midnight from my car's dashboard last Friday when I went to work, I dialed the illuminated numbers on my cell phone before leaving my parking spot. I talked to the Intake Nurse (who I used to work with a lot on night shifts) that night who I rarely saw anymore since the people I battled with, had changed my position from regular to a Per Diem or only as needed.

“Are you gonna’ be okay? Don’t you worry,” she reassured when I tried to give her an apology for not being able to speak with her when she called me earlier at work.

“I was seeing an inmate at that time, so…Sorry!”

“It’s okay. I know. Because I’m busy right now here, too,” she reassured me.

“Worry? No! I’m not worried anymore, Nurse P. I trust that the Lord Who put me in this position has everything covered for me. What’s hard for Him to do?”

She didn’t know what to say next. Either I sounded too confident or she perceived my answer to be unrealistic?

“That’s good. Hope to see you again!” she ended as I told her that I would let her go knowing that she had to go back to work and needed to screen more in-coming arrestees coming out from the police’s squad cars, parked inside the prison yard.

“Hey! Take care, okay?”

“I will see you again,” I replied.

The person in Charge of all of the medical staff had made a big change with everyone’s schedule now. He decided to pull back some of the nurses from the other prisons, leaving no room for the Per Diem’s to have availability and be able to work. In a couple of weeks, I was not on schedule as I saw that they would be well-staffed at the main prison where I usually worked.

It didn’t surprise me. I knew it was coming because he was desperate to show that he would always have the power to do that. He wanted to make it known that when people disagreed with his decisions, they would have to pay, whether to be assigned in a place or shift they were known not to like or they would not have a place at all. Since December, God allowed me to discern this person’s heart. His evil ways. There were days at first that I wanted to call it “quits”. But God questioned me “Why?”

In the following days of each month, God had shown me his endless faithfulness and the truth in His promises. Through His Word he reminded me that He was and will always be with me as I went through this battle. He made it known in my heart that if He was there during the good times of my life, much more at the down times.

He reminded me constantly that “I have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from me.  I might be hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. (2 Cor.4:7-9;NIV)

I have no reason not to trust God Who gave His only Son to save humanity. What is there that is hard for Him to give? I don't even deserve any of His blessings. But He loves not only me. But all of us...

Thank You Lord for Your love and mercy. I put my trust on You alone knowing that You are the One Who has plans that give us hope and a future. Glory be to You!

What is Psalm 118 all about? It's having confidence in God's eternal love. His love never changes in the midst of changing situations. It gives us security. It's recognizing Jesus in the midst of life's storms. That's why I changed my blog header this morning. I wanted to be reminded of His love and grace. Day. After. Day. May you always leave encouraged not by me, but by Him. God bless.
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