The Love Dare

Do you feel like being suffocated in your relationship with your spouse? Do you feel like you are neglected? Do you feel like getting out of your marriage, thinking that it is the only way to solve your marital problems?

I dare you to seek and work out LOVE first....

Marriage is like a garden. What a beautiful garden it would be if 2 gardeners are willing to help out each other to maintain the beauty in their garden. One might pluck the roots that threaten to kill the beautiful flowers. The other might do the pruning necessary to gain more beautiful flowers. Sometimes, it's been beautiful and there seems to be no problem. But it still tends to dry out because they both forget to fertilize.

Is that the kind of marriage you have? Are you helping each other as a couple to maintain a beautiful, healthy relationship to make your marriage work? Do you help each other out in removing anything that hinders the growth of becoming and or maintaining a beautiful relationship? You might not be fighting but have you forgotten to even say "I love you" lately to your spouse?

A precious sister, sister Bren at Seeking Grace On The Narrow Path, recently posted about the "The Love Dare", a 40 day journey for couples that will help you understand how unconditional love fits in to make your marriage work! She also has a give-away, a copy of "Fireproof" movie.

My hubby and I embarked on this journey two nights ago. Even if we don't have anything going on that threatens our marriage, we're glad that we did it because we became more aware of those areas drying out that we haven't tended to in a while. And what an amazing journey when we include God in it!!! After all, He is the Author of unconditional love.

If you feel led and you want to join, please visit Sister Bren here. God bless you and may Jesus be the bond that holds you together, as a couple. May your garden stays beautiful and healthy forever.
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