Awesome Prayer Warriors

"Pray and let God worry." - Martin Luther

"All prayers are answered if we are willing to admit that sometimes, the answer is 'no'".

"Prayer is a confession of one's own unworthiness and weakness".-Mahatma Gandhi

"Prayer is the key to heaven, but faith unlocks the door."

"A lot of kneeling will keep you in good standing."

Hi everyone...I just want to thank you all who always keep me in prayers and yes, thanks be to God Who answers them and if not answered, it is because He knows what's best for us...

I just want to give you all an update regarding my post about the "flu scare" that happened at my workplace. Glory to God that because everyone was quick with the interventions, the sick inmates were contained in one place and a lot of information regarding educating them and all the staff in preventing the spread of this illness went out and so far, everything is going great by the grace of God!

I have been feeling okay and I really appreciate all your encouragement and prayers. That's what I'm truly grateful for, meeting all of you. I treasure your friendships! So, I want to give this "not an award" but more so of "a gift from my heart" to all of you who come here and encourage me...Please feel free to take this gift from my heart to yours. [I drew this myself...].

I would like to especially thank these following wonderful siblings in Christ and you guys are awesome, always ready to bend down on your knees and fold your hands together when needs from others arise. God bless all of you and this is awesome that we can pray altogether. You are all "AWESOME PRAYER INTERCESSORS"...And I love you all in Christ!

[In no particular order]:

Sister Kat

Sister Alleluiabelle

Sister Mary

Sister Andrea

Brother Chris

Sister Beth

Sister Denise

Sister Loren

Sister Lisa

Sister Kymber

Sister Bren

Sister Jennifer

Sister Christy

I want to share this with all of you...God bless...

Pray For One Another
[Marianne Farningham]

I cannot tell why there should come to me
A thought of someone miles and miles away,
In swift insistence on the memory,
Unless a need there be that I should pray.

Too hurried oft are we to spare the thought
For days together, of some friend away;
Perhaps God does it for us, and we ought
To read this signal as a call to pray.

Perhaps, just then, my friend has fiercer fight
And more appalling weakness and decay
Of courage, darkness, some lost sense of right
And so in case he needs my prayer, I pray.

Friend, do the same for me, if I intrude
Unasked upon you, on some crowded day,
Give me a moment’s prayer as interlude;
Be very sure I need it; therefore pray.

Keep praying...
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