How Do I Honor The Veteran/Soldier?

"In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved." ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Out of the stillness of the short respite my husband and I both had prior to retiring to bed last night, the silence was broken as I popped a question to my husband, who used to be in the Navy and had served in the Persian Gulf War [August 2, 1990-February 28, 1991].

"How do you feel, as a Veteran, every time we celebrate Independence Day or now, this coming holiday, Veteran's Day?"

Not seeing his glance as I was sitting on the recliner, hidden from his sight that was concentrating on the glowing monitor, I heard a short stammer...Perhaps, he started to wonder why after so many years, I had asked that specific question.

I didn't know the reason either. Except that I knew I wanted to know the soldiers' perspectives. We know what they all go through. We know what their families go through. All the sacrifices both have to make. I know...Because I've been there...Except that's what I know. I wanted to know how it felt coming from a soldier. From a veteran. Whom do I have but my own husband when this thought came to mind?

How do they feel when here I am, enjoying each beautiful day, calm and sipping my Starbucks favorite drinks while they are out in a foreign land, staying alert, with anxiety in different levels, anticipating to defend and preserve their own lives against those unwanted or unexpected attacks from the enemies? Have they even thought of taking a drop of water to quench those thirsts and soothe their parched lips?

What are the thoughts in their minds, as I rest in my favorite recliner, watching tv programs, as they are huddled close, deep in those foxholes their own hands must have dug, yet do not offer a permanent safety?

What goes on in their hearts as I enjoy this personal liberty wherever I go in this land, in which they are trying to protect from oppressors?

Or how their hearts must be breaking as they think of their separated and loved ones far away from them as I enjoy my time with my family?

And how they must endure to be dressed in those heavy camouflage battle gear yet here I am whining whether it's too hot or too cold?

And yes, here I am looking good, holding my Bible, as they go out there, with rifles and ammo's on their hands, with fingers ready to fire if enemies appear?

"Sad....", my husband answered.

"Sad?" I repeated to make him explain and satisfy my growing hunger to search for more answers.

"Yeah...Sad...'Coz many lives have been lost every time," he softly uttered.

"So, you're against the war?"

"I didn't say that. If it's necessary to defend, we have to do that....But I'm sad that many lives, sometimes, are being lost and some are unnecessary losses," he replied with a sad tone and there, I decided I had been answered enough. That my search for an answer was over.

I got the point dearest husband. I got it! That we have to fight for this freedom if necessary. We know the risks of losing lives but we must to protect this precious liberty. Because freedom is not free. Oh yes....It even happened long time ago. Even before we were all born. As it was planned. That Jesus would come to die. To give us freedom. And many are being persecuted also because of our faith in Him. But we must stand confident in the truth that God has shared with us, believers. No matter what circumstances around us. No matter what others say. We know the TRUTH....

Veteran's Day is coming up. And every year, it will be celebrated. Like July 4th. And every time, lives are being risked and lost. How do I honor them? These veterans and soldiers? All of them? I had spent a couple of hours searching for tribute videos but now I know, no amount of tribute videos will show how much I want to honor them.

"Thank you," I softly uttered to my husband and I wasn't sure if he heard me as he went back to typing something on the keyboard.

I know I can start by saying a simple "Thank you!"...And I can go on further by including them in my prayers...Not only on these holidays...But in each day that is to come.


  1. Maggie and Bob were familiar with the military from Vietnam days. So when their only child, Sam, (for Samantha) chose a military career, they were enthusiastic supporters.

    Sam Huff joined and served at age 18.
    In Iraq, the possibilty of seeing her 19th birthday.....that's 19.....were ended on April 17, 2005. She now rests eternally, a hero, in Arlington.

    In 4 years (2009), her mom has died of cancer at age 56, and as a Marine, Maggie is also buried in Arlington Cemetery.
    Their stories are easily found on Google.

    Bob, husband and father of two Vets, now lives alone in Arizona. The ultimate price for freedom has been paid. Bob remains among the strongest supporters of the military. Why?
    He knows the price of freedom.
    He knows it intimately.

    You can read a bit on 18 year old Sam Huff at this link:

    Cut and paste it if it does not click here.
    You will be honored that service by our youth edifies all of us by her example.

    God be with ye, Sam!
    God be with ye, Maggie!
    God be with ye, Bob Huff!

  2. As the mother of a soldier/marine who is currently serving I appreciate your "Thank You!" and praise GOD for you and so many others who are praising for "all" the men and women who fight to keep us safe.
    Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

    PS: I have missed coming by. LOVE YOU! and I am always praying even when you do NOT see me here.

  3. Prayer and thanks are two of the best things we can do. Love them for all they do for us.

  4. I am thankful, too, for those who put their lives on the line daily for all that I enjoy in my life in the US. I'm sad like your husband because I don't feel that our politicians speak enough about the cost of freedom.

    This really bothers me: my daughter sends a card to her dad every year on Nov 11 and this year she can't find one in San Diego. I looked yesterday where I live in AZ and she's right. No Veteran's Day cards.


  5. My step-father was a World War II fighter pilot. He had a hard time talking about his friends he lost. Yet, he was so proud of his service, of what he was able to do, the nobleness of what he was able to do for America and her people.

    It is because of soldiers like him and your husband that we know what a true hero is:)

    Thank you for your husband's service and your sacrifice!

  6. @ Keystone: Thank you and I appreciate for sharing this link of a very precious life, lost not in vain...Same with her parents' sacrifice. May God bless all of our troops and their sacrifices not be forgotten. Blessings to you.

  7. @Sister Andrea: I'm so happy to see you here. I had missed your visits but know that I haven't forgotten to include you and your family in my prayers daily. Praying all is well with your health. God bless and protect you sister and love you in Christ.

  8. @ Sister Wanda: It is sad that I don't see as much enthusiasm in honoring these women and men who willingly risk their lives in different parts of this globe. God bless you sister.

  9. @ Sister Mary: How sad and another proof that this nation has forgotten about them? Men can change history but they can't take away what these veterans and soldiers currently active on service, have done and are doing to protect this nation. A lot of heroes are never heard of. A lot of sacrifices are being taken for granted. But not in the sight of the Lord. May God bless our troops and thank you to your husband's sacrifice.

  10. @ Sister Mary Leigh: I'm sure you had heard so much about many precious war stories, about your step-father or someone else close to you that had served or are currently serving.

    No...thank You to the One Who serves as our inspiration to preserve this precious freedom we enjoy that He willingly died for...God bless.

  11. Thanks for reminding me of Veteran's day. I truly love your quote about freedom...we definitely need to be thankful to all those who risks their lives so that we can enjoy such freedom!

  12. My older brother fought in the Viet Nam war. Thank you Rosel for posting. Blessings.

  13. My oldest son, Brad, is now a retired Marine. He served 20+ years, including a dicey round in Guam following 9/11. I will never forget how my mother's heart felt every time I thought he was in harm's way.

    I appreciate your tender reflections, and the very personal expression of gratitude to your hubby. They're a deserving batch, our military. God bless them.


  14. THANK YOU for sharing your husband's perspective and thank you to him, and so many others, for defending freedom.

  15. This is such a beautiful post. It's so poingant. And true.Thank you.

  16. I needed the quote at the top Rosel. I needed to read that and I need to remember those words. And the post....a great reminder

  17. @ Sister Jenjen: Thanks for coming by. God bless.

  18. @JBR: No matter what war, the sacrifice of these courageous men/women are the same. Blessings.

  19. @ Sassy: I'm glad that your heart is at peace now that your son is retired. I can't imagine what you had to go through everytime your son was away in service. God bless.

  20. @ Sister Karen: Me, too. I'm thankful, so thankful for all of them in the military. God bless.

  21. @ Sister Lynda: Thank you and war is real, both in the physical and spiritual realm. But we know Who's got the victory!

  22. @ Sister Sarah: Knowing what you had to go through to become FREE, I understand what you meant. Take care and stay strong in the Lord's mighty power! God bless.

  23. I work for the DoD Army and rub shoulders with military men and women on a daily basis. They are true heroes. I wouldn't trade my job for the world... and I know they wouldn't either.

    God has blessed America; may He continue to do so. God bless our troops.

  24. @ Sister Heather: I work with some deputies who are soldiers when needed. Some of them returned from duty in Iraq & Afghanistan, telling us stories, that if given a choice, they would do it again. Yes, they are all heroes! And sometimes, are taken for granted and not known. Blessings.

  25. Rosel,
    Amen and Amen...thank you to all of the young men and women who protect us as we go about our daily lives with no thought as to how we are being protected. Beautiful posting as always!

    Hugs and blessings,

  26. Thanks to your dear husband for fighting for us. Thank God for His feedom. Praying for our service men and women, and that we can keep freedom in our country.

  27. give your husband a big hug and thank you from me.....

    miss you Rosel....and thank you for sharing this beautiful post.

  28. @ Sister Jean: Thank you for your encouragement always.

  29. @ Sister Cathy: I'm just grateful that my husband was able to be a part of that wonderful service/sacrifice. Praying with you. God bless.

  30. @ Sister Michelle: Praying all is well with you. Thank you for the visit! Been busy here, too. I will come by sometime to see you. God bless and protect you always.

  31. Such a deep strong heartfelt moving posting of words my beautiful sister for such a day of remembrance as today...remembering all who serve in the military who shelter all of us so that the freedom bell continues to ring here in this country. God Bless America and our countryman who have fought and continue to fight to keep this one nation under God free.

    Thank you my dear friend with all of my heart for such a tribute written here today to our military.

    Love & Prayers,

  32. @ Sister Abelle: Thank you for your visit...It had just occurred to me that we are visiting each other the same time...That would have been nice if we're sipping a cup of coffee. On this cold morning! God bless and love to you.

  33. This veteran wants to thank you for your heartfelt message. God bless, Lloyd

  34. @ Brother Lloyd: Thank you for all of your sacrifices. God bless you and keep you.

  35. Wonderful post Rcubes! I too say Thank You to all our service men and women both present and past.

  36. @ Sister Tracy: Thank you for always encouraging me. God bless.

  37. I too am very thankful for each one of the men and women who have served in our military. I don't like war but there are times when we must fight to maintain our freedoms. I don't ever want to take them for granted.

  38. @ Sister Debbie: It's sad that many other countries still don't have the freedom like the freedom we enjoy here. If someone tries to take that away from me, I'm ready to fight for that no matter what the cause :) God bless.


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