Let's Work Together

I hate the fact that I don’t feel unity at my workplace. It probably sounds true to some of you, where you work. Don’t get me wrong! Yes, we, medical staff, help each other during crisis at work, like treating emergencies, helping out each other when the load is too much for one. But I’m talking about the bias I feel and is evident. Like some leaders would favor some group, though they are lazy. They don’t see it that way. Things like that. So, some of the load are done by others who don’t mind doing the work without complaining.

I wish our highest manager would come down and visit all...Like a surprise and really see who’s working hard and who is not. Who is gossiping and sleeping at work instead of doing what they were hired to do. Things like that.

Sometimes, maybe it’s better, like in a church, there is a division. 1 Corinthians 11:19 says that “For there must also be factions among you, in order that those who are approved may have become evident among you.” But we all know, too much of a thing always end up in disaster.

I think it is a sign that we fall from the truth when we see bickering and disunity among us, Christians. Even sadder in our spiritual state when we are like this because we don’t need a surprise visit from our Manager. He sees it all. Jesus is not divided. We are.

I can hear Him saying everyday:

“Make my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose.” - Philippians 2:2 [NASB]

Our kind of worship does not affect our salvation. It’s sad when one’s pride gets in the way instead of having God’s love in our hearts. Maybe it’s time to say: “Let’s work together despite our differences”, instead of “I’m right, you’re wrong.”

[Someone surely is having fun watching us divided, instead of being united in Christ]…

Please visit and be united with other brothers and sisters in Christ in this blogosphere. Please go to Spiritual Sundays to be encouraged by many uplifting posts. God bless and please pray for me and my workplace.


  1. I have been feeling the same way! Thank you for sharing. I will pray for you.

  2. Thank you for another great post. Jesus' prayer for unity in John 17 needs to be our heart, too.

  3. Enjoyable post. My favorite prayer is the prayer of St. Francis

  4. I can relate to so much you say. I try to remember that my true supervisor is Christ. I want to serve Him. I want all that I do to be pleasing in His sight. Sometimes it is hard to get unity in the work place. Everyone has their own agenda, their own priorities, their own viewpoint. Sadly, some are just in it for themselves. We want to be a team player but sometimes there simply is no team. I pray about it and hope that my example will catch on. When the time is right, I assert myself.
    May God give us guidance in this important area.

  5. Praying for you friend. I know just how difficult this is.

  6. Truly He is the God who sees. That's one of His names. You can hold your head high because you are willing to work together for the glory of God. I pray that it gets better and better for you every day. This would please God, too. Hey, a funny video..and it's not Friday. Love your humor.

  7. I will pray for you. It is hard where there is division in the work place (I've been there). But it is sad when there is division in the church and between God's people.

    Thank you for sharing this today.

  8. Praying for you dear sis, I love you.

  9. Hi Rosel,
    I think working in your place of ministry must be one of the hardest places to work. My hubby started a jail ministry many years ago and there was all kinds of strife and division in that place, so I know how hard it must be for you. God is with you and He will give you strength and wisdom to walk in His ways. I will be praying for you, dear sister. Hang in there!


  10. I've been there. I just had to remind myself that God was watching over ALL employees and things would get worked out. Praying for you while on your job. I love you and hope you and your family have a great Sunday.

  11. Dear Sister,

    When I worked for many years in county government I knew of so many offices where there was so much back-biting, bickering, gossiping, etc. going on. It was so sad. In the office where I worked for almost 29 years we didn't have that. We were like a family...every one cared about the other. It was a small office of 8 people. I feel extremely fortunate to have never endured that kind of pressure in my working environment...but I know of so many who did and still do.

    My prayers are being said for you and for all of the people that you work with and for. I pray God's mighty hand be laid upon them in such profound ways and that He will change their minds and hearts in such a dramatic way. Oh may His mighty presence be felt all around you in your workplace and may they all feel it to. Yes Father, open their eyes, ears and mouths with your blessings of love, wisdom, knowledge and so much more towards one another and for those who are slacking in their work ethics and duties, may you give them a big nudge and reality check as to what is really important and who their main focus should be on first and foremost...You my Almighty Redeemer, Lord of Lords.

    I love you Rosel.


  12. G'evening! I can relate to your words on so many levels ... it's hard oftentimes, not to rush to judge. Thank you for this perspective; to realize we're not alone in our feelings.

    Wishing you a positive new week!

  13. Having worked at Wal-Mart for 14 years, I know exactly what you are talking about. But then I would see other workplace environments that I would not want to be in. I know you are a hard worker. I often had to pray for wisdom and strength to endure. Praying things will improve ~ Blessings ~

  14. Oh, and I meant to say, Thank the Lord for our group of Christian friends online.

  15. Rosel

    Praying for you my sweet Sister....knowing you are walking in the Spirit and in HIS mighty power as you go about your work and minister to all around you! Greater is HE that is in you, than HE who is in the world my dear dear friend!

    Loved that video! You find the best ones

    I love you soo!

  16. oops DID NOT MEAN to capitalize the second HE.....drats! so sorry bout that!

  17. Amen, sister. And as usual, you found the perfect video to fit your story.

  18. Dear one I lift you and your friend up in prayer. Thank you for sharing this post Rosel. The video as well. Blessings and hugs.

  19. praying for you at work....and great post as always...Have a great Sunday.

  20. This is so perfect. I too feel the same the way with my work. I'm so happy that the Lord sees everything. I loved you video!
    Gog Bless,

  21. John 16:33 (King James Version)

    These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

    There will be no bias clicks and gossips in heaven.

    Have a great Sunday, Ron

  22. Aw. I know precisely how you feel. There are times I have the same problems at my work place. It's hard and can become really become disconcerting.

    I will surely keep you in my prayers. It's like Ginger said above, I'm glad too the Lord sees and knows all. Can't hide anything from Him.

    God bless you today and every day!


  23. I was watching Under Cover Boss the other day and thought this same thing. I wished that a manager or president of our company could see how there is division in the company I work for. Thank you for sharing this and helping me to think beyond my situation at work. I hope things get better at your work. God Bless, Aine

  24. Thanks for this post. Working together is so important. Of course Christians need to remember that Jesus knows what's going on. We can't fool him even if we fool other people. Love the video.

  25. You have touched a nerve. I can see it by the comments you have received today. Thank you for sharing from your heart in an effort to help us all.

  26. You once again hit a spot. There was much division within my church in which I was a leader on the woman's ministry team. The last straw was when it came out that a few years ago the worship pastor was sued by the SEC for a Ponzi scheme that targeted Christians. When they shut him down he moved to our city, began a new business and brought his various questionable financial methods of dealing with people along with him. The elders excused his behavior (saying he was just disorganized)extending grace , and in the end essentially dismissed/ignored the fact that many people had been hurt and violated by his dealings since he arrived. He has since filed for bankruptcy and is being sued by many. We are no longer there. It has been a long year.

  27. “In humility count others more significant than yourselves. . . . He made himself nothing.” Philippians 2:3, 7

    How does community work? By love? Well, okay. But that isn’t Paul’s point in these verses, which are all about how community works. And we can do horrible things in the name of love. We can walk into a social situation with love as our purpose only to destroy that situation by our clueless good intentions.

    The key word is humility in verse 3. The measure of humility is the word nothing in verse 7.

    “He made himself nothing.” That is threatening to us, but it has this advantage. It works. When we make ourselves nothing, willing to wash each other’s feet even while being scrutinized for our performance we are becoming what proud human touchiness cannot resist. Heart-level connections form when people can see, “He isn’t out for himself.” And community starts to work.

    Let’s not trust our love. It can be self-exalting. Let’s become nothing, as the Son of God did. He knows what works.

  28. Loved this video! Amen! God does not want us on our spiritual journey alone. His body is one and He longs for us to depend upon one another and operate as one.

  29. This is so true.

    Thought the video makes the point in a pretty funny way.

  30. Yes , as Christians we should be known by our love for one another . You are in my prayers.This is a great post & I love the video!
    Love in Christ,

  31. I just love you! And the youtube was cute!


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Orange-uniformed men were lined up in pairs, joined together with handcuffs and chained, forming a long line. They already had their breakfast and had their morning medications prior to going to courts. Some were fidgeting, as they waited to board those buses.

All of a sudden, all hell broke loose! Two men were engaged in a fight, using weapons they made secretly for a while. Deputies called for help on the radio, both for custody back-up and medical staff, as well.

When the air was cleared and the other inmates were secured, one man was down on the floor. He sustained multiple gashes but two of them were deep. One cut was vertically etched from his left ear going down to the jaw line. The other dangerous cut was horizontal on his left neck, close to the jugular vein. Pool of blood dripped all over the floor. Holding his bleeding neck, he was pointing at the other inmate few feet away, being guarded by the other deputies.

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When the investigation was finalized, it turned out to be that the “downed man who was accusing the other inmate” was the attacker and the other one who didn’t have injury was the one attacked. The deputies found out that it was the second attempt to attack the unhurt man. Both attacks on him failed. He was well-prepared after the first attempt on him, that when the second attempt was done, he was able to defend himseld and ended up injuring his attacker severely.

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