Prayer and Song

Out of the blue, I was driven to my knees just few minutes ago and as I pray, I wanted to praise the Lord with a song and He always graciously gives me when I ask. May you be comforted with this song and prayer.

Anyone here having troubles leaving comments on some sites? I did last night as I tried to post a comment on sis Alleluiabelle’s latest post. So, please know that I visit you guys and if I am not able to leave comments, may you just remember that you are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you all.
Lord, with tears I cry out to You. Please forgive me for all of my sins. I’m sorry that I hurt You still. Lord, have Your mercy on me. Save me. Help me and all my loved ones [and my blogging brothers and sisters] facing spiritual battles at this moment. Send comfort Oh Lord to hurting hearts, healing to the sick, salvation for the lost. Where there is a fierce warfare, help us with Your mighty angels. Protect us Oh Lord and be our Shield! May every drop of tears that fall purged out what I don’t need in my life. Let them wash away the things that are not pleasing You Lord.

Fill me with Your Holy Spirit Lord and help me live in the ways that are pleasing to You. Do a heart surgery on me Lord and help me to live in Your holiness. I want to be like Jesus. Help us to be strong with our commitments to You.

Thank You Lord for all that You’ve done. Thank You for Who You are. Thank You for Your faithful and eternal love that completes us when we receive them.

Lord, today hurts as we remember the lost innocent lives 8 years ago. Please comfort those loved ones who were left behind with the sudden death that came to their father, mother, brother, sister, cousin, nephew, niece, friend, husband, wife, grandfather, grandmother, grandchild. Let this painful memory drive us all to go to You, not away from You. Protect us Lord from our enemies.

I love You Lord. And I thank You for loving me first. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Here’s the song I’m still composing as I typed:

Be Still [Know That I Am GOD]-Psalm 46:10

I close my eyes in this silence

I want to feel Your love

Your soft whisper blown to my ears

That I’m accepted and loved

You are……You are… God

I wanna’ be still in this place

Filled with Your love and grace

There is no other place I’d rather be

But for my heart to see Your face

You are….You are…my God


  1. I'm always encouraged and drawn a little closer to God by your posts. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Remembering and praying with you dear sister.

    I haven't had trouble leaving comments. Love you.

  3. Rosel,

    I have had some issues with certain blogs but others work fine and I am browsing with Firefox now. Just more blogger issues!

    AMEN to your heartwarming prayer as I join hands with you and lift this prayer up to the throne room of God. Make it be a pleasing aroma to Him and may He pour forth blessings today on this great nation.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Rosel, What a beautiful prayer and a beautiful song as well.

    Oh, by the way, I love the new look of your blog, it's very cute :)

  5. You can't pray a prayer like this one and remain unchanged. Your prayer even affects those of us who link here and read it. Thank you.

  6. Not having problems since I change for internet explorer to Firefox.
    love this song. and your prayer is very touching.

  7. I have had trouble leaving comments on two sites...frustrating!

    Your prayer and song were heartfelt and beautiful....this is always such a wonderful place to stop and rest!

  8. I prayed this powerful prayer with you tonight and feel sad also for the families affected by the attack on 9-11. Thank you for articulating it so well. May the good Lord bless and keep you and yours.

    Love you,

  9. Joining with you in prayer dear sister, love you.

  10. Rosel, Loved the song and the prayer, I am printing off to pray it many times again. Thanks for being who you are!


"Faith is taking the first step even if you don't see the whole staircase..."
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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