Living Water

It was the change of shift. But our charge nurse got a call from one of the female units and wanted to send a pregnant inmate, complaining of abdominal pain. Five minutes later, the young female came in with a waddling kind of walk. She was pregnant for 6 months now.

“What’s wrong?”

“Ma’am, I have bad cramps”.

“Any active bleeding?”

“No, Ma’am. Just cramps.”

After taking her vital signs, I found out everything was normal. Together with a co-worker, we assessed the baby’s heartbeats, using the Doppler monitor. Her tummy started moving around which was a good sign that the baby was kicking inside her and the heart beat was fine and within a normal range. I had her get up and gave her a little cup.

“Ma’am, try to urinate and put a little sample in this cup. I’ll check your urine for possible infection.”

“Okay, Ma’am”, she responded as she slowly made her way toward the bathroom for the female inmates.

After doing the urine UA [Urinalysis] dipstick, it showed some presence of bacteria and mild amount of blood.

“Ma’am, how many cups of water a day do you drink?” I asked.

“Not so much. Sometimes, I don’t,” was her reply.

“No wonder. You will have cramping from having a bladder infection. You will need antibiotics. So I just want you to remain sitted in the waiting area until our jail doctor gets here and examine you further. More likely, the doctor will give you antibiotics and tell you to drink a lot of water!” I explained.

I’m sure this inmate had learned a painful lesson of not drinking enough water, especially in her condition of being pregnant. The spasms could really be awful if she had a bladder infection. Worse yet, if she became dehydrated, that could have been life-threatening to her and the baby inside her womb!

When Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well, He told her of the living water that He could supply [John 4:10-15]. Christ invites anyone to come and drink of the water of life. Salvation cannot be earned. God gives it freely. We are living in a world desperately thirsty for living water. Many are dying of thirst. As Christians, we can choose to advice and tell others who are thirsty that there is a living water that gives life!

“Let the thirsty ones come – anyone who wants to. Let them come and drink the water of life without charge.” –Revelation 22:17


  1. Hi again. Thanks for visiting my blogs and for the lovely comments you made. I could identify with this post. I've had urinary tract infections off and on for over 40 years. I'm so thankful for antibiotics. I'm also thankful it has been over a year now since the last attack. I do drink quite a bit of water. I think it is wonderful that God has put you where you can help people physically and spiritually both. I'm glad you're following my blogs. I put yours on my sidebar because I wanted to be sure and return here.
    BTW, we (Ginger and I) host a blog on weekends called Spiritual Sundays that you might want to consider participating in. You can check it out at

  2. Yes, Jesus is our living water. Without Him I am sure, I too would be having cramps, just of another kind. He keeps me hydrated and refreshed. He gives me life, worth living.

    Again, I think it is wonderful that you are there to encourage and love those who need to know they not only are worth something to God, but precious and valuable to Him.

  3. Rosel,

    It's the one thing I need to do more of, drink lots of water! Guilty. Sometimes I just don't feel the need because I am not thirsty. I know no excuse, one shouldn't wait until they are thirsty. I will try and drink more from here on out.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. I always want to drink from the precious well, bless you my friend.

  5. I love the story of the Samaritan Woman and Jesus offering her a drink of Living Water and knowing we will never thirst again.

    Thanks, too, for the reminder to drink lots of water and stay hydrated.

    Love ya,

  6. Rosel,

    These people are so very blessed by having you there to help them and God speaks such wisdom to you in these Him be the Glory yes in deed!

    Ohhh, to have a cup of jo' with you :) sounds heavenly!! someday I believe it shall happen!
    Coffee brings joy to us here on earth but nothing like the LIVING WATER!

    Love you and thankyou for your prayers for my dad!!!

  7. I was saddened to read about an expecting mom in prison. I know it happens, but it breaks my heart.
    I pray this young woman realizes the true source of "Living Water" and accepts HIM, changing her life for her own good and the well being of this precious little life growing inside her.

    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  8. Stopping by again, sweet friend!! This morning as I read some blogs I came to one (new follower of my blogs) heart was so broken for her. I wanted to share her blog with you. I thought you may want to add her to your prayer list as she continues to grieve. You may already follow her, but if you don't I know you will want to pray for her.

    You continue to be a blessing to me. I thankful GOD brought you into my world.
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  9. I popped over here from Omah's blog and have been reading several of your posts. (Will have to come back later to read some more.) Sounds like the Lord is using you to be a great blessing to the inmates in your charge.

  10. It has been far too long since I have sought out someone to give the living water to...there are so many around me and I smile and exchange pleasant greetings with them...but they really need water. Thank you for making me think

  11. Thank you for always leaving such sweet comments on my posts.

    God bless this woman -- pregnant and in jail. That would be so terrifying to me. I pray she will take better care of herself. Better yet, I pray she does receiving the LIVING WATER.



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