Kreativ Award

So sweet of sister Alleluiabelle to share “Kreativ Blogger” award today.

Her passion for the Lord was the first thing that caught my attention when I first visited her. I was just so touched by her writing right away, I just knew it in my heart that she is a special woman who writes from her heart.

Despite the trials she faced with her husband, here she is encouraging me and other friends/sisters in Christ! Sister Alleluiabelle, you’re an amazing woman who truly reflects the Lord’s love through your words. You are a great encourager, your poems describe your intense love for God and that even through trials, your heart rejoices because of His presence in your life. You are a great Prayer Intercessor, a friend and most of all a dear sister in Christ. To God be the glory and to Him I say thank You for making us meet and feel that unity that comes from His love, unity that we share along with other blogging friends. May the Lord guide us all, bloggers for Jesus to be more “kreativ” for His glory! I pray that many who still don’t know His love and forgiveness will be attracted to these “kreativ” blogs. Thank You for your thoughtfulness dear sister in His Holy Name. I treasure your friendship. Please visit her site if you haven't met this wonderful daughter of the King.

I am required to nominate 7 other bloggers for this award and they are supposed to nominate 7 others. (Be sure to leave a comment on their blog about the award.) After they accept the award they are then asked to write a list of 7 things that their blog readers may not know about them.
So, this is the hardest knowing there are so many “kreativ” blogs. I would love to share this blessing with:

1. Sister Heather at Beautiful Self

2. Sister Daveda at Grace Talk With Daveda

3. Sister Sarah at Splashin’ Glory

4. Just Be Real

5. Sister Denise at Shorty Bears Place and Free To Be Me

6. Sister Loren at The Magoos News

7. Brother Chris at Prayer

I’ll try to list 7 things here that you may not know about me:

1. The Lord is always no.1 and I know you know that. But I want Him to continue to mold me and do spiritual surgery so I can grow in His likeness.

2. I love Greek food! The pastries are so delicious but I have to be careful or else I’ll grow more sideways.

3. I don’t know how to play tennis and recently, my child’s passion is to be involved in this sport [as the Lord wills]. I took him to the court today. I served the balls as he tried to hit them and he was able to practice more. I did okay in throwing him the ball but I was better at picking up the balls after.

4. I used to love “Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino” but haven’t been drinking it to avoid the calories. I learned to like “Iced Passion Tea” and gotta’ get “venti” of course all the time.

5. I work part-time and I am job sharing with another co-worker. I do 2 nights and she does the 3. [Thanks be to God].

6. I love relaxing by the ocean with my family. Sometimes, we go to the nearest beach which is 20 minutes away from our house and sometimes, eat at the nice restaurant which is at the end of the pier. The sight is so calming while some people are trying to catch fishes.

7. I’ve been a night owl for 20 years now. But I love working the night shift. It’s really a perfect schedule if you have children. I get to see my child and spend quality time with him in the day time, then, still able to take a nap before going to work.

Well, thank you all for being patient to read all these things. I pray that you are encouraged everytime you come here. You are more than welcome to come anytime! Give me a ring and I’ll make some “crab fried rice” next time. God bless and I love you all in Christ’s Name.


  1. You are so precious, thanks for sharing this award with me. I loved learning new things about you, be blessed my friend. I love you.

  2. Congrats on your award, and thank you so much for sharing it with JBR!!!!! ((((Rcubes))))

  3. My Dear Friend,

    You are so thoughtful and kind in your mind and heart with your words about me and my blog site. Thank you so much. We've been blogging friends since the beginning and I love you my sweet and precious friend and Sister-in-Christ. You are genuine and loving and you absolutely write for and love with all your heart our Almighty Father. Glory to His name!
    I'm off to an appointment with my husband.

    Again, I love you so much dear friend. God bless you.

    P.S. I love our new blog look. I've often thought about playing with mine a bit, but haven't ventured into that yet.

    Love, Blessings, Peace & Abundant Prayers,

  4. Congratulations on both of your awards! So true what you say about Alleluiabelle, who is a great example of "walking the walk."

    As are you ... It's been a joy to step "Off the Beaten Trek" several times a week to see how God is using you on this journey. You're a blessing!

  5. WELL deserved, dear friend!! I, too have given up the caloric coffees! Just not worth it on my already heavy waste line. Trying to continue to be more health concious.
    I also love the ocean. We are about 2 hours away, but love to get there when I can.

    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  6. You are so right. Alleluiabelle is a wonderful sweet, God filled woman. I pray her husband and her are healed quickly. You too deserve this award. What a blessing it is to enter the blog world and meet so many wonderful brothers and sisters of the Lord. I'm certianly glad he led me to you. :) Love and Blessings to you

  7. Wow Rosel Awards are just flying your way! Congratulations!
    I have never had crab fried rice! Would love to try it someday!

  8. I love those restuarants on the pier. Hope you guys can make many memories there. Congratulations on this award. You are one creative gal with lots of love to offer any who visit you in person or on-line. If you ever get famous and write songs or books, you better still blog with us!!!!!!

  9. You splashed me today with your kind words and sweet award. Thank you, I am honored. May all the glory be for you my Lord.

    Crab fried rice, hmmm, sounds yummy. A staple here in Costa Rica is chicken fried rice, have to spice it up with crab some time.

    Hugs for your day,
    Sarah Dawn

  10. Aww...thank you for the award! It's very sweet of you to pass it my way.

    I love the Ocean as well! It's my favorite place, wish I lived closer to it though. But, sometimes I wonder; if it were there everyday for me to love, would I still love and appreciate it as much? Hmmm...

  11. Thank you so much for this beautiful award! I feel like I don't even deserve it - I have been so busy and have not blogged in a couple weeks! sad... :( But I am floored, and very thankful!

    I'll just quickly mention 7 random facts about me.... :) (brace yourself....!!)

    1. When I'm bored I'll randomly start telling a story to anyone who is near me. They usually look at me weird... especially if they don't know me from Adam. It's most fun in a doctor's office. :)

    2. I love Arabic food - I was raised on it... because my Grandma was born in the "Old Country", and then came over on a boat as a young girl.

    3. I still sleep with stuffed animals. Actually... they sleep with me. but only because I allow them.

    4. I have a random virus in my face that flares up whenever it very well wants too.... like this week.

    5. I like my hot food hot, and my cold food cold - please, no cold pizza... and no warm fruit. (my mother microwaves her oranges before she eats them. gross.) ;)

    6. I am more addicted to those oober long questionnaire surveys than you will ever know. seriously. just check my facebook and you'll understand.

    7. To me, the most amazing thing about God is that He loves me. amazing.

    WELL.... That's all for now! I'm actually working on a note for my blog right now... so hopefully I'll be back and posting again soon!!

    Thank you again for this beautiful award! ;D
    Heather :)

  12. Sister Heather: You're a funny woman. Your comment blessed me :) cold pizza and warm fruit? they don't sound good, i thank you for letting me know some things about yourself.Of course, you deserve any award btw. Because you're an awesome child of God! Thanks for coming by despite the busyness. God bless.


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