The Homeless

He was sleeping quietly right there on the green mattress on the cold floor. Covered with the beige blanket, he looked peaceful. He was kept in the jail's medical clinic since coming back from the hospital. He was treated for having alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Medical staff was monitoring him until he would be more stable to return to his housing unit.

Whenever he tried to turn, his bilateral feet and hands started tremoring still. But not as much when he first got sent to the hospital. His arms and face with scattered sores, hair looking disheveled, he reeked of alcohol.

Those tremoring feet had wandered miles and miles away, searching for any kind of food and any form of shelter. He would sleep under the bridge, in tunnels or other make-shift tents from cardboard boxes to fight off the cold air circulating when nighttime came. He resorted to drinking more and more alcohol as his body started craving for more and more each day. He felt good as the alcohol would keep him warm especially on cold, winter nights.

Committing minor crimes, he learned that he could have a temporary shelter when incarcerated. Warm food was provided and at least, he could shower. He didn't need to worry about where to spend the night since he would get his own bed in a cell, at least temporarily, he had a "home". Except with the stoppage of alcohol while inside the jail, his body started having withdrawal symptoms like tremors, hallucinations, or fever.

He got up, still shaking and wobbly-like, he came by the glass partition window and asked for a plastic cup. He took some water and trying to stabilize his hand with the cup, he drank a small sip, followed by another and few drops of water spilled on his shirt and on the floor.

Trying to assess his orientation to person, place and time, one nurse asked him if he knew what was going on. He gave a big, surprising answer, "I think I have Parkinson's." [Parkinson's is a disorder of the nervous system characterized by tremors and impaired muscular coordination].

It might have sounded funny but the answer only meant two things: either he was in denial that he was an alcoholic or his mind was totally incapacitated to think straight because of the alcohol's effect with his mental ability.

There are lots of homeless people all around us now as a result of this weakened economy. Some have mental health problems, others are run-aways. You'll see them in "skid rows", under bridges, bushes, tunnels and other places where a temporary shelter is available to keep them from sweltering heat of summer days or blistering cold on winter nights. They go from one place to another.

But wait! There is also "Someone" Who has been wanting to find a "home" in all of us. He wants us to answer to His constant knocking on our doors - the doors of our hearts. He is hurting, too, because He wants all of us to be saved from "eternal fiery destination." Sins separate us from Him, but when we open our hearts, paired with our trust and belief, He gives us a big surprise of "eternal life".

C'mon, I challenge you, for those of you who haven't placed your trust in Jesus Christ, to listen to this song. It's not a coincidence that you have passed by my site. And when you truly mean to repent for your sins, "open your hearts' doors and make them a "home" for Jesus...Stop being in "denial" that you can do everything by yourself!

Opening your heart to Jesus is as simple as saying this prayer and mean it from your heart:

"Dear Father, I admit that I am a sinner. I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died for me. I trust Jesus Christ to forgive my sins right now. Let me start a new and meaningful life with you today. Amen."


  1. Sweet. I pray that eyes who don't know Jesus will read this post.


  2. Awesome, I pray for all lost souls.

  3. Rosel,

    I am a caregiver. I have a compassionate heart for those who have far less than we have, for those who need someone to love them, for those who need immediate help and so much more. I don't live in a city and don't get to see first hand every day people who are homeless sleeping on the street. I have only a few times seen this, but my heart cries out to all that are in that place. I get so disheartened when I have seen this and feel their pain of lonliness and despair in my heart. It is my tendency to want to help them all in any way that I can, but that is impossible...but...ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH HIM! Lives can be turned around at the drop of a dime when minds, hearts and souls are exposed and handed over completely to Him through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Salvation occurs and lives are dramatically changed forever.

    I loved ths post. So insightful, impacting, inspiring, from your heart where He resides in you.

    Let all you come here be blessed and may they open their hearts to Him through Jesus Christ and this site, and may they pray the prayer out loud that you posted here for their salvation and the saving of their souls.

    He's waiting, isn't dear friend?

    Love you,

  4. It is so interesting to see life through your eyes with your experiences at work and at home. Your words are poignant, God so longs to make His home in us.

    May many come to this wonderful blog, home of the salvation message, and be homeless no more.

    I love you,

  5. Praise GOD for you heart....and the open doors to GOD's kingdom it provides! I stand amazed as I read your blog. Using the dogs with many psychiatric patients, I know first hand the broken hearts you speak of in this article. They need GOD's love and they desperately need to feel it through the heart of GOD's soldiers. Thank you, for being one of HIS soldiers.
    Much love and prayers, andrea

  6. I am reading all your encouraging comments, at the same time choking up a bit when I remember those hurting souls, especially, the ones in need of our Lord's saving grace.

    This is the reason why I want to write. Like what you said, sis A-belle, we want to be of help but sometimes, it's just not that easy. But we know deep in our hearts the transformation of lives when they place their trust in our Lord Jesus, for only Him can change all of our hearts. To Him be the glory.

    Thank you all for always visiting me. God bless. Love you all in Christ's Holy Name.

  7. Rosel,

    Your words are a blessing to anyone who stops and stays awhile to read and consume what you have written here today!

    You see things from a different perspective and it's clear as day, the gift God has given you, not only to help those you see everyday, but also those who do not see, that come here and read that you may never know. One day when God shows you the impact your words have had on many souls, I believe you will truly smile!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. Sister Kat, I took care of that homeless man on Fri. night. Sat. night, on my way to work, I talked to the Lord and asked Him that I wanted to post something about that man but I needed Him to tell me how I could relate his state of being "homeless" to His grace and love.
    All of a sudden, the song "My heart, Your Home" was played in the radio station I always listen to. The Lord answered my prayer through that song that is one of my favorites. Didn't even click at first, until it got to that part, "come and make my heart Your home..." This I think can be a testimony by itself. But I'm truly, truly awed by His constant love and faithfulness. We are truly loving the only true God Who knows and Who cares for every one of us. God bless.

  9. Hi friend,

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  10. Just came across your blog. So many out there without hope unless someone tells them of Jesus and points them to the One who can set them free. I will be back to check your blog.

  11. Hi, Sweet Sister!
    Yeah, I learned how to put a slideshow from Slide on my blog today. The first time I hit publish there was no slides! Yikes! I tried again after lunch today and now I have my fabulous slides to share with you. You better kick off those work shoes and grab an ice tea and watch!
    Love you always!

  12. This is powerful and I pray that EVERY person that needs to read this will find themselves RIGHT HERE IN JESUS NAME!

  13. I just found your place here, and am inspired by your obvious heart that others would no longer be "homeless" but would believe---the "bridge" illustration, the Romans road, this post. Thanks very much.
    You are a songwriter? Are you familiar with Sovereign Grace? Some free songwriting articles and mp3 talks there (


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