The Gardener

The Gardener

There was a gardener busy tending in the garden

Started pruning bushes and one of them complained

"Why did you cut my thick branches when I tried to grow?"

"And a lot of foliage sprung and you just had to prune them, too?"

The gardener replied, "Sorry but I had to prune

the thick branches will soon make you fall."

"If I don't cut carefully

Your roots will be uplifted and you'll drop to the ground."

"I am trimming you the way I want you to be"

"I don't want you to be so thick, I want the foliage with just the right amount"

"I don't want you to grow so tall, I want you to be strong"

"I am your gardener and you will understand"

"One day when you're rich with the life's experiences,

You will understand why I have to cut your branches."

The gardener moved into another location

Hired by another, thinking about promotion

But the promotion never came, to his dismay

Started asking God, "Why, oh why didn't You help me at all?"

And God answered, "Do you remember son?"

"When you spoke to the bush and you tried to make him understand?"

"That when you pruned him, you had better reasons than what he was thinking"

"You wanted him to be his best by cutting his branches?"

"I am your Gardener, I hope you will understand"

"That I didn't mean to make your life full of trials"

"For every suffering, you will grow wiser"

"For every breaking of your heart, you will grow stronger"

"Someday, you will understand"

"When you're full of life's experiences you will not get mad"

"That I pruned you the way you pruned that plant"

"Someday, you'll be a proud bush in my own garden, I hope you understand..."

rrrs 5/8/00


  1. Indeed, on Sunday, the third day, His followers finally understood. We have that knowledge in our 'Saturdays' that resurrection is ahead...

    Thank you for popping by with your thoughtful comment. Always good 'meeting' a new sister! Are you Filipina by any chance?

  2. I love your post! It was truly inspirational and I can only hope that I will become a great plant in God's personal garden! Lately it seems like I've gone through a lot of pruning lately but I can't wait to see the new growth and blossoms yet to come.

    God bless! ~ Kat

  3. What a wonderful post! Yes, we often do forget the good advice we freely offer to others when we're faced with adversity or disappointment in our own lives.

  4. Thanks for the visit sister "Sita"...Yes, I am.

    I'm glad to be able to follow your blog, too sister Kat. I appreciate you coming by.

    It's always a pleasure to see your comments sister Mary. You had written amazing posts today.

    God bless you all.

  5. I was just reading in I Corinthians where Paul says to the church "You are God's garden, not ours". It takes maturity to see the good in pruning...thanks for the reminder

  6. Love your visits sister Denise. Thanks always.

    That's a great "confirmation" sis Cynthia. Glory to God! May we keep growing in His grace and knowledge. God bless you all.

  7. We humans tend to run from the uncomfortable. I know in my head God's pruning is to perfect me, but to yield is always hard.

    Thanks, Rosel!

  8. Most of the time I do not like being pruned, yet those are the times I grow the most and I am able to then share with others.
    GOD bless you for reminding me of this truth today. Much love and prayers, andrea

  9. It's always nice to hear from you sis Mary. I noticed you were up early like me earlier. :) I had the Christian radio station playing all night long and sometimes, I would wake up to nice worship songs. Have a safe trip!

    Hi sis Andrea, I keep asking the Lord to prune my ways that are not pleasing to Him. Because I know, that's the only way I can grow in His likeness. Take care and may you all have a wonderful day today. God bless. Love u all in Christ!


"Faith is taking the first step even if you don't see the whole staircase..."
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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The Attacker (5/15/09)

The sun was just peeking from the Eastern skies. Ephesians 6:12 [37 kb]

Out in the prison’s yard, some huge Sheriff’s buses were illuminated by the soft glow coming from the lights all over from the tall lamp posts. Their engines were turned on, warming up, before the buses would take the inmates to the different courts where they would have their trials.

Orange-uniformed men were lined up in pairs, joined together with handcuffs and chained, forming a long line. They already had their breakfast and had their morning medications prior to going to courts. Some were fidgeting, as they waited to board those buses.

All of a sudden, all hell broke loose! Two men were engaged in a fight, using weapons they made secretly for a while. Deputies called for help on the radio, both for custody back-up and medical staff, as well.

When the air was cleared and the other inmates were secured, one man was down on the floor. He sustained multiple gashes but two of them were deep. One cut was vertically etched from his left ear going down to the jaw line. The other dangerous cut was horizontal on his left neck, close to the jugular vein. Pool of blood dripped all over the floor. Holding his bleeding neck, he was pointing at the other inmate few feet away, being guarded by the other deputies.

The other man being accused was not hurt. There were no lacerations nor any other signs of trauma. He was obviously very agitated as he was being questioned by those deputies, while the medical staff started treating the other man on the floor. They cleaned the wounds and controlled the bleeding. That man was sent to the nearby hospital.

When the investigation was finalized, it turned out to be that the “downed man who was accusing the other inmate” was the attacker and the other one who didn’t have injury was the one attacked. The deputies found out that it was the second attempt to attack the unhurt man. Both attacks on him failed. He was well-prepared after the first attempt on him, that when the second attempt was done, he was able to defend himself and ended up injuring his attacker severely.

[Source: NLT Bible ]:

We also have an “accuser of the brethren.” Satan and his army of demons are the enemies of God and of everything good.

“Because God’s children are human beings – made of flesh and blood – Jesus also became flesh and blood by being born in human form. For only as a human being could he die, and only by dying could he break the power of the Devil, who had the power of death.” –Hebrews 2:14

Because of what Jesus had done [dying on the cross], we, who live in constant fear of death shouldn’t be afraid anymore. Jesus had freed us from that fear so we can live for Him. When we belong to God, we know that death is only the portal that leads into “eternal life”. [“Thank You Lord!].

Paul warned us, too that we also battle against the evil forces of Satan, who is a vicious fighter. But to be able to withstand their attacks, we must depend on God’s strength and use every piece of His armor. We face an army whose goal is to defeat Christ’s church. When we believe in Christ, they become our enemies. They will try any device to turn us away from the Lord.

Fear not! For God has provided His supernatural power to defeat Satan and his army, through His Holy Spirit within us. So, arm yourselves with God’s armor.

Let us be strong in the Lord's mighty power. Let's put on His whole armor to resist the enemy's attacks: put on the sturdy belt of truth and the body armor of God's righteousness. For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News, so that we are well-prepared. We will need faith in every battle as our shield to stop the fiery arrows aimed by Satan and his army. Let us put on salvation as our helmet, not forgetting the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. Let's pray at all times, on every occasion in the power of the Holy Spirit. We must stay alert and be persistent in our prayers for all Christians everywhere. [Ephesians 6:10-18].