"D" + Mercy = "A+"

I picked up my son early today, the last day of school prior to their Spring break. As dark clouds covered the rays of the sun and the wind was blowing dust and pollens all over the atmosphere, I sat quietly inside my car, listening to my favorite Christian radio station. The soothing Christian songs wiped out the "antsy" feeling I had, as I anticipated his news whether he passed or failed his Math test yesterday.

Soon, the familiar shadow walked out of the gate and opening the passenger door with a calm voice, totally opposite of the fear and exhaustion I saw yesterday from his face, he blurted out in a low, half-child, half-man kind of voice: "I got a D, mom!"

My composure never waned. I lovingly replied, "It's okay son! I know that you did your best and I'll always be proud of that!"

Back home, as he showed me his paper, not understanding the figures myself, I was just in complete oblivion of my Math knowledge. I think I would have easily gotten an "F" myself.

Whenever we are walking on painful roads on this life's journey, don't we all wish for an easy escape or a quick "U-turn?"...Maybe even for miracles?

And there was good news out of this "failure". Since almost the whole class [who are all hardworking students] failed, the teacher, knowing how hard those students work, decided to consider not including the lowest grade score in their over-all grade from the whole semester. Most of them had the lowest scores today! That will help the students keep their "A's".

Thank You Lord for this miracle! Bless Mr. T, Lord! [Mr. T happens to be the "worship director" in our church family].

My son and I's faces were painted with smiles, our lungs breathing the "air of relief" as we uttered, "thank You Lord!" It's not only my son who learned from this experience. The biggest learner was "me."

The teacher's gesture of mercy to his class is not something new. This event just made me realize how valuable we are to our heavenly Teacher, Who doesn't want us to fail. He dropped our lowest grade [our sins] by giving His own Son to be the sacrifice for that [His act of mercy and love], so that we can keep our "A's" for eternity.

No scientific formula will ever figure out "D+Mercy=A+". It's done in God's way that no man could ever understand...

My dearest friends, never tire sharing your knowledge in this area. Many are still unfamiliar with this class we're in. Some don't even want to be in it. I pray our Teacher will continue to use our blogs to share His wisdom and teaching through us. Have a great weekend and God bless!

Romans 4:8 -"Yes, what joy for those whose sin is no longer counted against them by the Lord."

Psalm 103:12 -"He has removed our rebellious acts as far away from us as the east is from the west."

Romans 10:13 -"Anyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved."

John 5:24 -"I assure you, those who listen to my message and believe in God Who sent me, have eternal life."

Acts 4:12 -"There is salvation in no one else! There is no other name in all of heaven for people to call on to save them."


  1. Thank you, Heavenly Father for a mother who does NOT expect her child to be perfect.
    love and prayers, andrea

    PS: thank you for all your prayers and support. You will never know how much it means to me!

  2. Hey, Rose:
    I rejoice with you and your son. I can feel your mother's heart in this piece. This teacher sounds like a cool dude; my daughter had a few like this in high school. She just reuinited with one of them in Washington DC last year and introduced her husband. These kind are keepers, you know?

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. I feel enept when it comes to my pc and always take the path of least resistance. I want a beautiful blog like the ones I see, but it's so easy to just slap a picture up there. Ha. And my pic leaves me insecure too, but my husband designed it, so I don't want to hurt his feelings! Life go on!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. What a wonderful life lesson you have shared with us! I don't think I'll forget your "math equation" either. It's a great way to illustrate God's unfailing mercy:-)

  4. Rose,

    I never expected my children to be perfect. I was pleased that they applied themselves, and in knowing that, I knew they did the best they could. You are an echo of my mother's heart as well. I felt your words, related so perfectly with them. You're a great mom and sound like you have a pretty great son as well.



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~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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